Guess the Dish, Win Free Protein!

Okay, this week I’m going to stump you.

Guess what I’m making above and win a free bottle of <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive, courtesy of Biotest.

First one to get it right wins!



7 layer dip for almond flour flat bread chips.

Im gonna go with Avacado and broccoli meatloaf

tuna salad with guac

Ground turkey/avacodo meatloaf

no clue.

correction…tuna salad with hell fire guac!

7 layer dip

totally guessing cause I dont have a clue what that “Shugart concoction” could be!

Is that some sort of chef salad?

Ham, red pepper flakes, pastrami( or turkey pepperoni ), parsley, sea salt, avocado, … no idea.

I can’t tell if there is a homeade pickle relish in there or not, stupid lighting

Hamburger patties

It doesn’t look like it’s finished yet. I spy (I think), with my little eye:

Sliced ham
chopped parsley
red pepper flakes
grated cheese
turkey pepperoni
sliced cucumber

Is it an anabolic, cobb-type salad?

Vizi - I can’t tell if it is onion or just the whiter portion of the ham… I’m going to say there is no onion.

I’m going to go with zucchini hummus, only because Chris said he would post the recipe this week.

And I have no idea otherwise.

You may be right Corst!

ham salad

Fish Cakes! (That was my first thought)

Could be the zucchini dip, but with the red papper flakes it might be General Shugart’s Chicken.

potato free potato pancakes?

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