Guar and Other Gums

I’m sitting here eating some delicious oats and protein powder and it’s very creamy and tastes like banana. I haven’t cooked it at all though.

I was wondering if anyone else has started playing around with gums to get different consistencies for eating your protein ?

Personally I think I’ve got this working nicely now.

250mL of water
60g of oats
1scoop of whey (so it doesn’t thicken from the protein powder)
1/2tsp of guar gum.

Mix fairly well and leave to refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight. I leave mine overnight and then mix and within a few minutes it’s nice and creamy like porridge that has been looked after and cooked properly.

So far I’m loving the combo of slight coffee flavour + banana protein.

I also really like strawberry or raspberry diet jelly mixed with chocolate protein powder and then set. It’s an awesome desert.

Has anyone done anything interesting with gums ?

I brush mine.

And I’m stealing that recipe.

(evil laugh)

New trial recipe…

I was wanting to play around with the guar gum so I did this trial run. It’s not perfect, but I reckon it could be used as a starting point.

This is what I used.

2tsp protein powder
1/4tsp guar gum
about 100mL of water

mix it up and wait for the guar to gel it up a little bit. Then microwave in 20-30sec runs and stir it’ll turn into like a pudding type consistency that’s really thick airy.

I added a couple tsp of flax meal and this was actually really nice warm.

I reckon some guar in a V-Diet muffin recipe or something will really give them a lightness. I’ll be playing around with this some more soon.

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