Grover6's V-diet

Good day all. I got my Vdiet package today and I am set to go, starting tomorrow. Looking forward to this. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile and now seems like as good a time as any. I’ll throw up pics and measurements tomorrow after I get up. Now it’s off to work.

Glad to have you on board! Be sure to drop any questions for me in any of the “Ask Chris” sections.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Well, after a false start I am in the game. Day 1 of my V-diet started today. Pics and measurements will be posted later.

Pics and stats:

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 225lbs BF 18%

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 51.5"
Chest: 43"
Biceps: L 15"
R 15"
Abdomen: 42.5"
Hips: 44
Quads: L 26"
R 26.5"
Calf: L 17"
R 17"

Day 3 is in the bag. So far so good, I like the workouts. Short but intense, and the walks are nice. I like getting out and having that time to think and come up with crazy things to do next. Although today I felt kinda lethargic. I am off work today so I was able to sleep in and that helped. HOT-ROX is also great for waking things up. The shakes are going down well. Tomorrow is another day to move forward.

Day 7 is beginning. Since day 4 I have noticed myself getting more and more hungry between shakes, so much so I was awake at 3am the other day so hungry I couldn’t sleep. I had my HSM last night, it was the great. Baked chicken breasts with a Greek salad. I’m already thinking about next weeks HSM, I’ll probably try something out for breakfast this time. Anyway, I am seeing some results and that is why we do this.

Weight: 220

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 50.5"
Chest: 42.5"
Biceps: L 15
R 15
Abdomen: 41
Hips: 43.5
Quads: L 25.5
R 25.5
Calf: L 17
R 16.5

Down an 1.5" on my abdomen, and that is cool. Can’t wait to see what my progress is next week.

Great work so far mate. Keep it up.

Thanks Nate. Day 8 is starting and it seems a little easier today. Off to the gym for week 2!

So, days 4 through 7 were tough. since then things have gotten much easier. I had to work through how to get my last shake of the day down when I’m at work. It’s tough to shake the peanut butter up enough to mix it in. I picked up a “magic bullet” blender. It works great. I have started to put my shake ingredients in sandwich bags and then just pour them into the cup, add water and blend. Makes them really well, and I find that I can drink them very easily this way. I have pretty much moved on to chugging them down.

I actually like not having to think about what I will eat. It makes the process easier. Although I still end up cooking for my family. My 3 yr old wouldn’t get it if dad suddenly stopped making dinner. I do most of the cooking anyway. So far it has been OK, I just have my shake before I make dinner and I am so full I don’t want to eat.

Day 10 is almost done… Going to hit the gym (basement) and then get my walk in.

Well the half way point is here, day 14. Just finished my V-burn and I concur with most that it is an ass kicker. Anyway, not a huge change this week, but I am getting stronger in the gym so I am moving forward. Although I should say that I didn’t get my measurements until later in the day, so that may have an impact.

Mid-point stats:

Weight: 222
Neck: 16
Shoulders: 50.5
Chest: 43
Biceps L: 15
R: 14.5
Abdomen: 41
Hips: 43
Quads L: 25.5
R: 26
Calf L: 17
R: 17

Day 21. Only 7 days left. This has become routine now, and while I don’t think it is an all out “grind”, I am looking forward to the end of the strict phase, and moving into the transitions. Anyway, stats are looking good. Body weight hasn’t changed much. but the inches have in all the right spots. Without further adieu, here the are:

Neck: 15.5
Shoulder: 49.5
Chest: 42
Biceps L: 15
R: 15
Abdomen: 40
Hips: 42.5
Quads L: 26
R: 25.5
Calves L: 17
R: 17

Overall I am pleased. My lifts are going up and my body is going down. Looking forward to next week.

Keep it up mate!
I’m entering my Transition Periods now.

Press on.

Day 25 done. Other than really wanting to move back to eating solid food again. I actually like to cook and miss being able to plan my meals. Anyway 3 days to go and I’m on to week 1 transition.

Well, day 28 has come and gone. I started day 1 of the transition. It was great to be able to have some solid food. Eggs with carrots, tomatoes and strawberries. Also I am seeing some noticeable changes. I haven’t had a chance to do measurements yet.

Yesterday was my final day on the V-Diet. Transition week 2. I will get final pics and measurements up this week.

Overall I liked the experience. It took a few days to get into the swing of it, but after that it went along pretty easy. There were a few temptations, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

So moving forward I am going to stick with the workout style. I bought and have been reading Waterbury’s book Huge in a Hurry. I like it and there are enough phases to keep me in the gym for the next year at least. I’m going to continue with the “get lean” program, and then with the “get big” session.


Looking forward to seeing final measurments and pics. Nice work Hoss.

Looking forward to seeing final measurments and pics. Nice work Hoss.

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