Ground Turkey Meat Recipes

Lean ground turkey meat is pretty much a staple on my weekly grocery list. 95% of the time I end up making some variation on a turkey burger. While I love turkey burgers in all their various delectable forms, I want to branch out and do some other stuff with the meat. So I wanted to see if anyone had some V-life style recipes where the main ingredient is turkey meat.

Badass turkey burger recipes would also be awesome.

Also, if anyone who loves turkey burgers(or burgers in general) has not checked out the “volumized cheeseburger” thread, I suggest doing so asap.

You can make these with turkey:

But honestly, extra-lean ground beef is about the same as most ground turkey, calorically speaking.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
calorically speaking. [/quote]

They are most definitely different economically speaking!

Where I live, lean ground turkey can run as cheap as 73% ground beef, while 93% ground beef is anywhere from 3.50-4.00 per lb (and that’s wholesale.)

Haha agreed. I also just like ground turkey meat though.

Ground Turkey is awesome…I like to just cook it in olive oil on a pan with peas. Add some celtic sea salt and some fresh black pepper. Serve over brown rice. Tough now, going paleo though. Might try the cauliflower rice Chris suggested.

Main dish-

Turkey meat seasoned with, pepper, onion powder and garlic
fresh arugula
sauteed in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil
After the meat and veggies had basically cooked through all the way I cracked a duck egg over the stir fry concoction and mixed that in with the meat and veggies (it adds a lot of moisture and texture to the stir fry)

Sides -
Hollowed out tomato stuffed with fresh mozzarella, basil and assorted Italian spices
An avocado seasoned with cayenne pepper and some sea salt

Ground turkey is a little cheaper in my area than organic grass fed beef. I don’t see anyone recommending organic grass fed turkey. What’s the deal with how turkeys are raised and fed. Should we be concerned about eating turkey. I know we should eat grass fed beef, but is turkey any better. I like ground turkey and will use it alot instead of beef because grass fed beef is not as cost efficient as turkey but am I fooling myself thinking that ground turkey is any “cleaner” than regular grain fed beef. Just wondering.

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