Gross - V-Diet Log

Ok I’m starting this one day into my V-Diet. Yesterday was rough! I had such a craving for real food in the evening. I must get my blender back today because right now trying to down the morning and night time shake is not so much fun. For the bedtime meal, I put the peanut butter on one celery stalk. Sooo good! I really hope that’s not breaking the diet too badly. It takes more energy to eat a piece of celery than it contains right?

Plus I went out on a first date and had no idea what to do with her because I’d normally go for drinks. This is a good thing though, it’s forcing me to find other things to do in my life besides drink alcohol.

The first workout felt good, but I think I need to go much heavier because I left each set feeling like I needed to do more.

Front Squat - 185 lbs
Assisted Chinup - 128 lbs
DB Bench Press - 50 lbs each (try 60 next time)
Swiss ball jack knife (gotta get an ab roller)

Starting weight: 218.6 lbs
Height: 6’2

** Measurements to follow soon. The pics will tell the rest - f’ing gross!!!




Went down by the lake today for my NEPA walk. It was great to be outside on such a beautiful day!

Saw a woman carrying a Wendy’s bag for lunch and I was grossed out by the thought of eating it. Truly awesome!

Welcome aboard the crazy train! If you have any questions for me, be sure to post them in the Ask Chris thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Day 2 was really good actually until night time. I got into a conversation about food and I started imagining all the different stuff I wanted. And stayed up late, so this morning I admit I skipped breakfast (bad!). Almost made me crack and not do the shake for lunch.


Coping with mistakes… wait it out, distract yourself, do anything it takes

Saturday evening I will have my first HSM… mmmm steak!

Day 3

I had to pick up my kids after work for my weekend with them. Fortunately I have some fairly heavy dumbells at home so I could do my workout after I put them to bed. I like the intensity added to the workouts by sticking to the rest periods.

Day 4

Took my kids to African Lion Safari so I had a lot of prep to do to make sure i got in my shakes… just pre-mixed all the shakes I needed and packed a cooler. It worked out quite well. I admit I did have some solid food - some watermelon and strawberries. Not a big deal in my mind.

My first HSM was steak with brown rice and broccoli. It was glorious!

But then late at night I got those cravings and had a bit of cheese and crackers. BAD!!! Another lesson learned, avoid staying up late if at all possible.

Day 5

Ok today I completely fell off the wagon.

Breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 slices brown toast
Lunch - Chicken, salad, brown rice
Dinner - 4 slices pizza
Patio - 3 pints

I gotta figure out what triggered this. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

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