Greg's Diet Log


started the V-Diet today.

starting stats:

Height 6’
Weight 245
Neck 16
Shoulders 53
Chest - Upper 47.5
Chest - Lower ? messed up this measure
Waist - at Navel 44
Waist - at largest 45
Hips - at largest 47
Upper Arm - L 15.5
Upper Arm - R 15.5
Upper Leg - L 27
Upper Leg - R 27
Lower Leg - L 17
Lower Leg - R 17
Ankle - L 10
Ankle - R 10


Day 1: Jan 30th

all shakes so far have been done exactly as outlined.

workout 1

Front squat: 185x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x5
Lat pulldown: "13"x5, "13"x5, "13"x5, "14"x5
DB Bench: 60s x5, 60s x5, 60s x5, 60s x5
Ab Wheel: 20 reps

NEPA: 1hr walk

notes: went light today, my body needs to adjust to the short rest periods. i used to be that guy that rested 3-5 minutes between sets. 30 seconds seems like nothing.

did not anticipate the first shake to be so filling. had it at 9am, from now on i need to have the first one earlier. HOT-ROX doesnt sit well. its not bad enough that i am going to stop taking it, i just think i need to get used to it. this is my first experience with Metabolic Drive, i am very impressed with how good it tastes.


Day 2: Jan 31

all shakes done exactly as outlined

NEPA: 1hr walk

Notes: HOT-ROX settled better today. spaced the shakes further apart so that it was easier to drink them all. surprisingly not hungry, though i miss the taste of food.


Day 3: Feb 1

shakes done right

NEPA: 1 hr walk


Reverse Lunge: 60s x10, 75s x8, 75s x8,75s x6, 75s x8
Bent over row: 135x8, 155x8, 175x6, 175x6, 155x6, 155x6
Push Press: 55s x6, 50s x8, 50s x8, 50s x8, 50s x6, 50s x 4
Barbell Curl: 65x8, 75x8, 85x6, 85x6, 85x6, 85x6
Reverse Crunch: BWx20, BWx10, BWx5, BWx5

Notes: rest times are still wiping me out. i guess i cant expect to be moving big weights yet. need to use the bar for lunges next time, my gym only has DBs up to 75. push press sucked ass. still not doing the workout exactly right, but this is closer than monday.

green tea between shakes helps a lot. no problems with HOT-ROX today.


Day 4: Feb 2

shakes are on point

NEPA: 1 hr walk

Notes: did the walk in a fasted state. only had HOT-ROX before it. last night i had trouble sleeping, too much caffeine i think. i need to get some caffeine free tea for the evening. not having trouble with hunger or food cravings. the shakes with flax or peanut butter are starting to become a chore, they do not taste very good. the regular shakes are fine.


Day 5: Feb 3

NEPA: 1 hr walk

still chuggin the shakes on schedule

Deadlift: 275x5, 245x5, 245x5, 245x5, 245x5, 245x3, 225x3, 225x3, 225x3, 225x3
DB Bench: 50s x6, 55s x6, 55s x6, 55s x4, 45s x6, 45s x6, 45s x6
lat pulldown: "10"x10, "12"x6, "11"x8, "10"x8, "10"x8
ab wheel: BWx10, BWx10, BWx10, BWx10

Notes: Deadlifts were killer. not only can i not drop the weights at my gym, but to keep the bar accelerating is very difficult. they wiped me out. Couldnt do decline bench so i did flat bench, it feels weird using such light weights but im so wiped out from the lift before that i have no choice. did ab wheel instead of walk outs or whatever, i dont think i was doing them right so i went with the wheel.


Day 6: Feb 4th

shakes on point

V-BURN: 25:31.8

wow, the v-burn wiped me out. cant wait for HSM tomorrow.


Day 7: Feb 5

Weight in: 237lbs

loss of 8 lbs. very excited, feels very good to be moving in the right direction.


Day 7 Cont.

NEPA: 1 hr walk


steak! sear roasted perfectly to medium rare
spaghetti squash with alfredo and pesto.
broccoli with garlic and olive oil

that filled me up. tasted really good. first time with spaghetti squash and was very impressed. i went really light with the alfredo and it was perfect.


Day 8: Feb 6

Shakes still on point. been 100% so far

NEPA: 1hr walk


Front Squat: 185x5, 185x5, 185x3, 185x3, 185x2, 185x2
Lat Pulldown: "13"x5, "14"x5, "15"x4, "14"x3, "14"x3
DB Bench: 60s x5, 60s x5, 60s x4, 60s x 4, 60s x 2
Ab Wheel: BWx10, BWx10

Workout felt good today. was on point with the 25 sec rest time. i feel like i will be able to increase weights next week. body was still sore from deadlifting friday but i just worked through it.


Day 9: Feb 7

shakes on point

NEPA: 1hr walk

what is this “food” you speak of?


Day 10: Feb 8

shakes are still goin strong

NEPA: 1hr walk

DB Reverse Lunge: 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 8
DB Bent over row: 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 8, 75s x 4, 75s x 4
DB Push Press: 55s x 4, 45s x 8, 45s x 8, 45s x 8, 45s x 6, 45s x6
BB Curl: 45x8, 65x8, 65x8, 65x8, 65x8
Reverse Crunch: BWx20, BWx10, BWx10

rest times were perfect today, i think i should have gone heavier in some places. push presses still suck but im not too concerned about that right now. good workout.

tried to eat a fiber tablet, forgot how to chew. seriously though, i thought this was going to be much harder. i am having no problem with this diet at all.


Day 11: Feb 9

Shakes on shakes on shakes

NEPA: 1 hr walk

Not hungry, not tired. fat seems to be getting softer. i can see a difference in the mirror already. clothes are a little bit looser. things are moving in the right direction.


Day 12: Feb 10

Shakes at 100%

NEPA: 1.25 hr walk

Deadlift: 255x6, 275x6, 275x5, 275x5, 255x5, 255x5, 255x4, 255x4
DB Bench: 52.5s x 8, 52.5s x 8, 52.5s x 8, 52.5s x 6, 52.5s x 5, 52.5s x 5
Lat Pulldown: 120x8, 120x8, 120x6, 120x6, 120x6, 120x6
Ab Wheel: BWx10, BWx10, BWx10, BWx10

lifted at my parents house, could have used heavier DBs on bench but they didnt have anything heavier than 52.5. deadlift felt better than last week. went on a new route for my NEPA walk, went farther at a faster pace.


Day 13: Feb 11

Hectic day. got all the shakes in but missed the V-Burn. gonna do it Sunday i hope but im busy then too. if i cant get it done then, ill do it tuesday.


Keep it up, going good.


Thanks Marzouk!

Day 14: Feb 12

This was sunday, i had another crazy day. only got 2 shakes and the HSM in.for HSM i had a few slices of a ribeye roast with some green beans. missed the weigh in, missed NEPA, missed the V-Burn again.

Day 15: Feb 13

Pt 1.

so i had a hectic weekend, had to work both days and go to a family event on sunday. however i did weigh in this morning…

231 lbs! thats a loss of 6 from last week and 14 total.

i look noticably better in the mirror, my family noticed i looked less fat when i saw them yesterday. so things are going great!


Day 15 cont.

NEPA: Walk
Time: 59:46
Distance: 4.42 miles
Avg Speed: 4.43 mph
Total elevation gain: 1,411 ft
Max Speed: 8.14 mph

got an app for my phone to track my NEPA walks. pretty cool stuff


Awesome progress, keep it up!


thanks dude! progress is getting really exciting.

Day 15 cont.

Front Squat: 185x5, 195x5, 195x4, 195x3, 195x3
Lat Pulldown: "13"x6, "14"x5, "15"x5, "16"x4
DB Bench: 55s x 6, 60s x 5, 65s x 5, 65s x 4
Decline Situps: BWx2x10
Plank: 30 seconds

replaced ab wheel today because i didnt have access to it. workout felt good today.