Green_Kev's V-Diet Log

Hello, this is my V-Diet log, I am a long time lurker on the T-Nation site and Forums.

Some background on me, I am in the military so training hard is not new to me. I have just finished a bulk using the DC trg protocol and went from a 168 to 185 in the state you see in the pics below. Here are some stats

Height 5feet 8 inch
Weight 185
Age 24

Now as I mentioned I am on day 3 and I have already dropped about 4 pounds.

My motivation is my fiancé is currently away (also in the military) and the next time I see her is valentines day and I want to wow her.



Not all shots but back are relaxed

Well day 3 is almost in the books, all shakes down and about to take my ZMA. Man I am felling thouse hand toe walk outs in my upper abs today, V-burn tomarow and HSM, going to be roast chicken, wild rice, and a mix of veg’s, also makeing a crustless pumpkin pie for after, it is basicly caned pumpkin and splenda along with a few spices.

well did my first V-Challenge today, got 22min 12 sec, not bad considering I had to keep looking back at my log for the exercise order. I think i have and advantage in this type of work as i have done lots of these kind of workouts and movements in the military.

HSM day as well, went with the roast chicken, asian salad and crestless pumpkin pie, skipped out on the rice, it was nice to actually eat with people again lol.

Well last 2 days have gone not bad. Yesterday I was pumped, did my NEPA walk befor work like usual, 1H and then hit the weights hard after work, felt strong although my numbers are a little lower then when i was bulking.

Today however i did not have the get up and go to do my NEPA walk in the AM fasted like normal, i think the energy level is starting to catch up with me now, i have to wait for my EC stack (ya doing that not Hot Rocks) befor i can really get going. So i am going to go after work for my NEPA. On shake down, another one on the way.

well got the NEPA walk in after work, 1H, one more shake to go and its all good, i fell as though i am going on cruise control now.

Whoot last day of week one today, will post up pics tonight, looking forward to the comparison. Will take my weight as of tomorrow morning but had to do it today and I am 174, thatâ??s 10 lbs, i know most of it is water but still 10 lbs.

ok did the pics tonight, if i look alot dif in the AM due to watter then i will redo them then.

front again, did a few as the lighting sucks where my full view mirror is but its the only place I have one.

front again


back 1

back 2

all and all i can see my waist has firmed up a bit, cant wait to see the week 4 shots!!

well day 8 is almost in the books, 2 shakes left, did my nepa walk, 60 min like usuall. felling a little drained today but i didnt sleep well last night.

Another day done, all shakes but 2 left, did 60 min nepa fasted in the am like usuall and hit the weights in the PM. The deadlifts were killing me at first but then i got into the zone and the work out was good from then on

Yesterday went well, was at a birthday party, Chinese food place where dinner was served to you, and it was not real Chinese food it was the American deep fried everything Chinese food. Didn’t have a bite, got a few looks but people are used to this from me as I have been eating clean for 3 years now.

Today is HSM and V Challenge day, going to be steak and potato and veggies, I will post up my results.

well did my V-Challenge 22min 3 seconds, so about the same time as last time, however I felt that my reps on all exercises were more solid then last time.

I really need the HSM today, for whatever reason I am so hungry.

Well had my first slip up yesterday, was so hungry I had an extra shake at the end of the day, just could not sleep with out it. Other then that things are going good always doing my nepa fasted and workouts by the book. Looking forward to the half way pics on Thursday!!

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