Gram Flour - Better Than Wheat?


Hi Chris, I had a search but i couldn’t find anything about it.

I’m in Kuwait, where health food is pretty much non-existant (no surprise that type 2 diabetes in the Middle East is such a growing health concern that whole hospital units have been set up dedicated to it!).

One of the few non-wheat flours that I can find is gram flour, due to the high number of Asian expatriates out here. In your opinion, how does this compare to wheat flour? I can see from Wikipedia that the carbs are pretty high, but hey at least it’s not wheat :slight_smile:

My other option is to start looking around for buying bulk almonds and try making my own almond flour in the food processor.



Graham flour is wheat flour, so that’s a no-go, sorry.

Almond, buckwheat, quinoa, or rice flour would work, but sound like you’re in a tough spot right now when it comes to finding diet-suportive foods.


Sorry, should have been more specific - gram flour is made from chickpeas, I think you guys might know it as garbanzo flour?


Hmm, never heard of that. I erroneously assumed you had misspelled “graham” flour.

If it’s pure chickpea, it’s fine. Not sure how that tastes; many bean or bean-like flours have a strong beany taste. Never really used them myself.