Got Injured. What Next?


So, I just hit the end of week 2 on V-Diet with excellent results and I’ve managed to injure myself accidentally.

We had painters in our house last Tuesday and he put a sheet down on my wood staircase. I was heading downstairs to talk to one of my general contractors and I slipped at the top of the flight, slid down the railing on my side and all 200lbs of self crashed into the top of the newel post at the bottom of the stairs.

I have a 3.5"x3.5" outlined square bruise on my side from the top of the post and my ribs hurt so much I have trouble standing up from a sitting position or rolling over in bed. I had x-rays done and they couldn’t find any fractures and I’m on pain medication right now.

Wednesday’s workout went fine until I did Reverse Crunches and those were quite painful. Thursday I could barely move. Friday I was feeling pretty good throughout the day so decided to try my workout. I finished my Deadlifts but by the end of them, I was having difficulty just pulling the weights off the bar and gave up. Friday night I was in a LOT of pain.

I’ve had the weekend off with pain meds and I’ve had a chiropractic visit with electro-therapy. My chiropractor says the right side of my rib cage is totally out of alignment from the fall and that I need a few sessions to get it back in shape.

This whole thing makes me so angry because I’ve been trying so hard and been really dedicated to this V-Diet to get the maximum results. I’m upset that I likely won’t fully recover for another couple weeks which means that I won’t be able to complete any of my workouts as they are.

I was wondering if you might have some advice in terms of what I can do on my workout days to make the most of them with my damaged ribs. Should I continue through the last 2 weeks of the diet? Should I stop, recover and then restart the whole thing again? Is there a modified workout program I could do so that I’m still at least doing SOMETHING?

Any advice you have would be appreciated.




That’s sucks, Jeremy. I’m sorry to hear that.

I’d stay on the diet and just do anything you can that doesn’t cause a lot of pain. The nutrition portion is powerful all on its own, but hopefully you can do some type of weight training on top of it.


Okay – any suggestions on some substitute exercises I can do that minimize core strain? Kinda sucks that the 3 primary lifts are core intensive.


You’ll just have to play around and figure out what you can do. Maybe some machines for the time being? There are actually some good ones out there. Big fan of FreeMotion.