Good stack

John asks:

I’m interested in trying your products and want to know if there is a good stack I could possibly get! Theses products caught my attention Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, Carbolin-19, Alpha Male! Is there certain ones I can stack together?

Those are some top choices that could all work well together as part of a fat loss or muscle building plan. The only thing is that each serving of Alpha Male actually contains a dose of Carbolin 19, so those two aren’t recommended to take at the same time.

A lot depends on your actual goals and other details (height, weight, bodyfat, training, nutrition, etc). But with stacks, you want to prioritize, and choose things that’ll complement your goals and the other supps. So like, Alpha Male is a Testosterone booster, but if you were in your early or mid-20s, odds are you wouldn’t see a major bump from it since your natural Test levels are most likely still fine, so that might not be a priority.

Or if, for some reason, you were on a low carb diet, then something like Indigo wouldn’t be a good choice because it “works” best when your diet has enough carbs to let it do its job. (Though, many people on low carb diets will use Indigo and re-introduce carbs into their diet, so it’s the best of both worlds.)

Also, some kind of workout nutrition like Plazma is always an important first step in any supplement stack. This article explains why, but basically, recovering from and performing well in your actual training sessions is the fundamental starting point to any plan.

If your goal is to gain muscle mass and strength PLAZMA is a must. It is not as “sexy” as other products because it looks like a simple carbs and protein formulation, but it’s much more than that.

When you take it pre and intra workout you DRASTICALLY increase your gains because the nutrients are absorbed super fast which means that they are in the blood when you train. Blood is sent to the working muscles. So you are actually using the workout to send the nutrients needed for muscle growth directly inside the muscles you are training.

And no it’s not just carbs and protein. They are very special in their speed of absorption which makes it a unique product, not to mention that it contain other ingredients that will help you recover faster and able to handle a greater training volume.

So PLAZMA would always be my first choice. Then INDIGO with be second because it potentiate the effects of PLAZMA and also improves the way your body stores the nutrients you take in during the day (store more in muscle, less in fat).

These are my 2 go-to supplements for maximum muscle mass and strength.

Then if I have to add a third one I would personally go with MICRO-PA especially if you use more of a bodybuilding training style.

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