Good Routine for Cutting After a Bulk?

Ive been lurking around this forum lately to see what exactly this diet is all about. seems pretty extreme but i was wondering what is it specifically targeting?

ive been lifting for almost 4 years, and playing competitive soccer for almost all my life.

im currently 22 years old, and about 4 years ago i was always that tall skinny kid. but ever since ive bulked, ive added some mass to my body, coming from 165 to my most weight 210. im currently at about 196 right now due to my ACL injury.

ive looked over the diet/supplements and the training routines thats required for this diet but im curious if this is something i could possibly do as well.

ive never had bad eating habits, i have one cheat day, and in reality, the food i eat that day is really considered cheating…i normally eat clean all the time and ive significantly cut down on alcohol.

my goals now are to continue to add mass, but lose the bulk fat that ive gained over the years.

currently im at about 20-23% body fat and would love to cut down to around 10-13% and to continue to add just mass while still maintaing a low BF. would this diet help me achieve that or would some consider this to be a diet for beginners or those that have always had bad eating habits and lacked in exercising?

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