Good Diet? Just Making Sure


I am one of those weird people who like to get lots of feedback on things haha. Could someone check this diet and make sure it looks correct? Its a workout day on v diet 3.0

Upon waking-2 scoops Metabolic Drive/1 scoop leucine/ 1 Flameout softgel/1 scoop superfood/1 fiber choice sugar free tablet

pre workout-Spike sugar free energy drink

post workout-2 scoops Surge with berry flavor enhancer thingy

lunch-Metabolic Drive/1 scoop leucine/1 Flameout softgel/ 1 fiber choice sugar free tablet

Snack-same as lunch (I believe, though I dont have my printed diet right in front of me)

Dinner-same as breakfast (once again I think I’m remembering this right)

Pre-bed-Metabolic Drive/Flameout/leucine/ 210 calories worth of natural pb…

Does this seem right? Thanks for taking a look!


Sounds about right. It is taylored to your bodyweight, so not everyone will have the exact same # of scoops of MD.
Just to make sure you are aware, the Spike energy drink is not part of the plan. It certainly won’t hurt, but isn’t required. Also the fiber tablets are optional as well, depending on if you think you need it or not (I personally never used fiber, but I know lots of people that have).

Also, what “berry flavor enhancer thingy” are you talking about? Surge Recovery is already flavored (original, chocolate, or raspberry). Surge Workout Fuel is not and comes with liquid flavoring. You DO NOT want to be using Surge Workout Fuel for the V-Diet. You want Surge Recovery.