Good Diet for Busy Fitness Instructors


Hey Chris! I am a pretty busy Fitess Instructor in New York City, and the missing link in my Training is (and has been) my Diet. So I’m wondering if the V-Diet is good for me based on my weekly work load:
Mon: Dance Fitness class (Burn upeards of 500-600 calories), teach private client (Ballroom/Latin Dance), evening MArtial arts class 2 hours.
Tue: Martial Arts 1 1/2 hour; 2 hour Ballroom dance rehearsal; teach dance fitness class;
Wed: Day off from teaching, usually train Martial arts 1 hour afternoon and evening.
Thur: Martial Arts 1 hour afternoon; 2 hours Ballroom dance rehearsal; teach dance fitness class.
Fri: Semi-off day; teach dance fitness class every other week;
Sat and Sun.: Teach 2 1/2 hours back to back dance fitness classes in morning.

As well, I am in the middle of using Pavel/Dan John’s 40 Day Workout Challenge, which means I am working out with heavy weights 5 days a week, but only 10 reps per exercise, 5-6 exercises per workout, on top of all that above (20+ hours of working out and training!) So …

  1. Given my high level of cardio activity (15-20+ hours that is my job), would the V-Diet be good for me…? And what you you recommend to modify to get maximal results…?
  2. Would staying on the 40 Day Workout, which I am seeing great strength results from, be as good as the V Diet workout …?
  3. Would staying on my current Multi-Vitamin be recommended…? And I currently take CLA 500. Would you advise stopping that for the V-Diet…?
  4. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!!!



We’d probably have to modify so many things in the plan that it wouldn’t really be a V-Diet anymore. But here’s an idea: the V-Diet “Lite.”

This is simply having one healthy solid meal per day, the rest Metabolic Drive Low-Carb shakes, plus a workout drink like Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel on lifting days. Let me know if that sounds good and we can work out some details.

You may also be interested in doing a <a href=""target=“new”>Pulse Fast plan on 1 or 2 lower-volume days per week.

Let me know!


Thanks for a quick reply! I definitely would like to talk more about V-Diet Lite, and how to make this work. Should I go ahead and order the V-Diet package and have it ready to go, or is there a V-Diet LIte package I ned to look for…?

Also, some ways I think I can modify my schedule without losing classes (Or students!) is to:

  • modify the intensity that I teach at. “Teach the best class you can by doing the least amount of work”
  • Be selective in how I train in Martial Arts. Maybe focus less on Sparring and more on technique.
  • Since I’m not really getting paid for the Ballroom rehearsals, buh-bye … Or limit the time that I will be working at rehearsals …

Thanks again for your time, and I look forward to getting started!



Don’t order the V-Diet package; it would be better in your case to order items separately since you’ll need slightly different stuff.

Rather than limit your training, I’d rather see you fuel your training then take care of some other things for fat loss.

I’ll drop some ideas here later this morning. Check back soon.


I’ve thought about your case and there are several good options for you.

If you like the idea of a simple “shake diet” like the V-Diet, but you need more fuel given your crazy-busy schedule, here’s a rough plan:

Start the day with a shake, but choose Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula. This is still pretty low-carb and allows for easy calorie control, but does have enough carbs to fuel your activity.

Before your main lifting session (30-45 minutes or so), eat a FINiBAR to fuel your workouts and give you enough carbs for muscle growth and recovery. You can also use a workout nutrition drink like Surge Workout Fuel during the workout.

Have a healthy solid meal at night: no wheat, just lean meat, veggies, and lower carb.

The rest of your meals would come from Metabolic Drive Low Carb.

If you’d like to add HOT-ROX, our fat burner, that’s fine.

There’s no need to do the flax seed and fiber that’s recommended in the V-Diet because you’ll be having that solid meal and get fiber from the Muscle Growth breakfast shake.

Let me know what you think and we can tweak the details.

PS: Or you could join is in the Indigo Project!

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Crap I had to run some early morning errands, and figured I’d order the V-Diet package, hopefully start by next Monday or Tuesday when it gets in and could adjust as necessary within that … Darn my trying to be ProActive Choice Fridays!!!

OK … Firstly, since I’m new to your site, is continuing on this thread ok, or would you prefer message …?

Secondly, again, Thank you for your time/energy!

So here’s what I’m thinking …

  1. I am going to modify how I teach and train at a lesser intensity, and remove any unnecessary training. I will start the V-Diet with your Modifications of adding the I’ll Muscle Growth Formula as soon as I can get it delivered.
  2. Instead of adding HSM every night, what are your thoughts on adding only 2 additional HSM meals on my toughest days, which are Tue. and Thur. That will give me Tue/Thur/Sun for HSM. And I will not use the Flax seed on the 2 additional HSM days.
  3. As far as the Diet workouts: Should I continue with Dan Johns 40 Day challenge, but maybe only strength train 4 days instead of 5 considering my activity level …?

  1. This thread is fine. I always check in here.

  2. It’s okay that you ordered the V-Diet package. Lots of solid, staple supplements there, whether you’re on the “full” Diet or not.

  3. I think your HSM meal plan sounds fine.

  4. Dan has some great workouts, no doubt, and you can probably continue them even when dieting down. Sip the Surge Recovery during the lifting workouts rather than drinking it all post-workout. That’ll fuel you through them.

The rest you’ll just need to modify as needed (if needed) based on how the first week goes. Keep me posted!


Will definitely keep you posted Chris! I’ll be sure to post my Pics and Logs when I start! I’ll also try not to keep blowing up this thread with more questions …

I’ll also keep a close watch and keep track of my intensity levels as well, and may even keep a calorie count when I teach and modify as needed off that as well …

Take Care and make it a great weekend!