Good Candidate for V-Diet?

I was wondering if the V-Diet might be too extreme for me.
I am 43 yrs old and 5’10"
I lost from 207 lbs in November 2008 to 170 lbs in July 2009
The max I have been was 227 - several years ago.
I am currently about 165 lbs.
I did this through much better eating and working out 4 days a week.
I would guess I am at 10-12% BF now. I was 26% BF in April 2008.
I am pretty close to where I want to be but have some pesky fat on my love handles, inner thighs, back and below my pecs.

Is the V-Diet the right thing to do now to get rid of that pesky fat or am I too impatient with my own plan and just need to keep going with what I am doing?

I feel the V-Diet is the answer to getting rid of the love handles and the other fat. One thing though - even at 18 after Army Boot Camp at 146 lbs I still had some love handles though I eat much cleaner now than I did then.

I don’t think it’s necessary to reach your goals. I think you could do it with some less extreme measures. Then you could do the “Shredded in 6 Days” plan in the archives to see what’s fat and what’s simple water weight.

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