Gold Flax - Milled Flax Question

So my girlfriend went and bought a huge bag of GOLD flax seed from the health food store for me.
Is this ok? Calorically, it is 60 per 2 TBSP (same as the black seeds). All the fiber #s are the same.
I have looked up the info for both and they are the same.

Is using GOLD flax seed ok? Are there diff properties to the black seeds I need?
Also, what exactly does “milled” mean. Is that simply grinding them? In the past I have used a mini coffee grinder for a second or two to grind the seeds.
That made a real dust.
The gold is more like flakes or light like bran.

Please define “milled” & if the Gold flakes are ok to use.


GOLD is fine.

Using a coffee grinder is fine.

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