Going to Start Soon - Any Advice?

I am 20 years old and weigh 200 pounds. I have a 3 month old baby. I have never been in great shape but in December 2007 I weighed 135. I gained weight once my husband and I met and then I got pregnant. I gained 50 pounds during pregnancy. I don’t want food to control me any longer.

I want to be able to play with my son when he is older and live a healthy life. I will be starting the V-Diet soon-just have to wait for next paycheck. Is there any advice as to starting it? Is it better to taper into it? Any advice helps. I am ready to make a drastic change and be committed! Thanks!

[quote]New Mommy wrote:
Is there any advice as to starting it? Is it better to taper into it? Any advice helps. I am ready to make a drastic change and be committed! Thanks![/quote]

One of your questions is answered here:

For some helpful tips:

Keep us posted once you start start the V!

New Mommy-
You can try the approach that you think works best for you. I believe that V-Diet lite is mentioned in the FAQs, helpful hints or cool tips.

Here is what I have learned after 8 days on the diet. The first week is rough. Days 3-5 were the toughest. I was irritable and I had crazy cravings. I was craving stuff I didn’t even like!

Days 6-8 I added fiber choice tabs and I feel fuller and the cravings are almost gone. I also added Z-12 to minimize the anxiety and sleeplessness.

So, start the fiber early, Z-12, ZMA or melatonin, be patient and be aware that the first week might be a tough adjustment. Jump into a thread and stay active! There are lot of us that started the diet this month and we can all share our stories and offer support to help you reach your goals.

JUST DO IT :slight_smile:

Dr. Mike

Additionnal advice:

Don’t cook while on the diet…let husband cook his meals and try not to stay around something that smells good too long ;o) Trust Me!

For me, I experimented with different shakes and flavorings to find the ones I like the best. I also did the full week of training before beginning the actual diet, so I knew what to expect and what weights to use, as I am classified as a beginner.

I made sure I had everything I needed including shakers, blenders, coolers, baggies and of course supplements.

Before starting the diet, I tried the V-diet lite, but speaking for myself, I just needed to start the diet. Giving myself room for one meal, with the bad eating habits I have, did not work well for me. My habits need to change first - speaking for myself only.

I have my daily fiber tablets and fish oil together in separate baggies. Each shake is in a baggie, and all daily shakes and supplements are in a paper lunch bag, stored in my refrigerator. So each morning before I leave I just grab a lunch bag consisting of the daily supplements and shakes, throw it in my cooler and head to work.

I do not like my leucine and superfood in my shakes, therefore, I mix in a water bottle and do a few shots of that with my am and pm shakes.

I did exactly what was suggested. Although, they are just suggestions, I have to remember when jumping out of an airplane, it is suggested to pull the chord, hence, I adhere to the suggestions.

Does anyone know if birth control will affect the diet and results from the side effects?

I recently changed from high dose Femcon FE to lower dose Levora.


you could breastfeed your baby if you aren’t doing that already. you’ll likely lose a bunch of weight that way. diet and exercise are both proven to work as well. good luck.

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