Going to Maui

Going to Maui with my father on the 31st.

Height: 6.0
Weight: 192

Goal:Lose 10Lbs of fat


What I want to know is when did it become OK for hairy fat men with pee stains on their underwear to post near naked photos for all to see?
How Gross!!!

Just downed my HOT-ROX. I hope the result is obvious! I’m not drinking any Surge today. But I am drinking an ungodly amount of whiskey. For a good time… call me.

It’s leg and bicep day


Welcome aboard!

I encourage you to try the official V-Diet workouts for best results and best chance of success.

Those who don’t have success have several things in common, the #1 thing being changing up the plan: doing different workouts, skipping or using different supps, etc. I just want you to have the biggest chance for success.

Thanks Chris

Any one who’s reading this,heed Chris’s warning. Do the diet as planned or you will fail.

Unfortunately I have this urge to flirt with girls 30 years younger than me. As a result I dye my hair, shave my balls, and take Viagra. I am looking to fuck anything on two legs. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Hi i am a member now, but i don´t know how to add you. my user name is olga369

Day 1 in the books. No workout today.
I’m off to to work. I’m so excited that I will see the bitch I am fucking behind my wifes back. Oh well. What my wife doesn’t know doesn’t matter to me!
It’s all about me!

I’ll be watching your progress.


Starting day 3. Unfortunately I am not able to drive home from work without being completely drunk on whisky so I was shitfaced by the time I got home. I have to think this affects the success of this diet in some way???

Powered thru day 3 OK and just finished my W/O for day four

If only my girlfriend knew how hard it is for me to keep it up for more than 2 minutes.

What I want to know is when did it become
OK for hairy fat men to post near naked photos
for all to see?
Doesn’t anyone notice the pee stain on the underwear??? Ewwwww!

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