Going to Be a FFB!

Day 6 of 42, now I’m 1/7th through! Again, so far, so good. The only weird craving is having food with crunch–I’m not sure where this is coming from–and it’s no specific food. So, I’m going to blend my shakes with ice, but not completely to see if I chew some of the ice to take care of this. Getting ready for my morning walk before it gets too hot here.

Thank you everyone for posting comments here and on your own threads–you are my principle form of daily support and it’s helping a LOT. Second work out will be done later this morning.

I “borrowed” the image from one of Chris’s threads as my avatar–I love it and see it as empowering…a lean muscle dude trying to break out of a fat-ass body :-).

Workout 2 done and dusted:

Romanian deads: 30kgs 15, 15, 14, 6 will up the weight by 2-4 kilos next time
Lat Pulldowns: 30 kgs, 15, 15, 15, 5 as above
Shoulder barbell presses: 20 kgs 15, 9, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4 (maybe lower the weight? or try again next time?)
Side planks: 2 x 30 seconds a side

Off to the grocery store to get my HSM for tomorrow.

Wishing those who are celebrating a happy and safe 4th of July tomorrow :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work,whens the next set of pics?

Tomorrow :slight_smile: Along with measurements to see how I’ve done in Week 1.

good i will deffo kep a lookout for them

Week 1 Results:

Weight: 235 pounds, 229.5 (-5.5)
Neck: 17 inches, 16.5 (0.5)
Chest: 44.5, 44 (0.5)
Right upper arm: 15.5, 15.25 (-0.25)
Left upper arm: 15.5, 15.25 (-0.25)
Right forearm: 13.25, 13.25 (0.0)
Left forearm: 12.75, 12.75 (0.0)
Waist: 44.5, 43.5 (1.0)
Hips: 43, 43 (0.0)
Thighs: 26.5, 26 (-0.5)
Calves: 17, 17 (0.0)

Overall, not a bad end to week 1. I’m very happy with getting under 230 and getting an inch of my gut! Pictures follow (I see no differences in my pics, but I expect to see a change next Saturday). My biggest achievement is not having any wine this week and not missing it, nor feeling like shit the next morning if I’ve over done it. I’m tempted to have a glass with dinner, but don’t want to wind up sucking down the bottle. Will probably skip the wine as I’m not sure that I can control myself. Another two plusses is that I don’t think about snacking when watching tv and my “crunch” craving seems to have disappeared now.

First HSM of the week will be tonight: Grilled aged steaks, spinach salad (or cooked) with mushrooms and garlic, possibly a half cup of wild multi-grain rice, and a small serving of fresh raspberries (3/4 cup or so).

Time for my walk.

Week 1 Front

Week 1 Side

Week 1 Back

Had my HSM last night and it was delicious. I sat myself at the dining room table (instead of in front of the tv) and slowly ate. It was so filling that it was a struggle to finish and I could not get my last shake of the day in. I was not so thrilled about the rice. I think for next week I’ll see if I can find a sweet potato or a second green veg to replace the starch veg. Today will be nepa and then V-Burn which I’m not looking forward to as I think my time will be terrible, but I need a baseline for next week. Just. Suck. It. Up.

V-Burn completed. Bloody hell! Time was 25:35. Although I have to say that I thought that I was going to be in the 30 mins range. I can only hope to improve on the time next week. Gallons of sweat on the floor. Wow! As angelo said, it’s ass-kicking…I totally agree!

Great work!! Keep up the good work. I found that it got much easier after week one although I didn’t lose a lot of weight on the scale in week 2, I felt a lot better. Thanks for the words of encouragement on my page too.

Monday of week 2. Some thoughts/observations.

  1. Need to work at getting all of my shakes in…I’m much less hungry now, but this is not supporting muscle recovery/building. This habit of not eating is going to hose me for the rest of the diet and especially when I finish the diet/transition phase and move to a hypertrophy or strength program, unless I change it now.

  2. Need to get more water in…with the shakes, I’m definitely getting more water than I used to, but still, I don’t think it’s enough.

  3. I’m beginning to let go of scale weight and relying on measurements/looks/clothes/pictures. Been a slave to the scale for way too long and it just does your head in, badly.

  4. I’ve never been a morning person, but I’ve noticed that in the last few days, when I wake up, I’m more alert than I have been for a long time.

  5. I found my foam roller yesterday, so will start using that to see if it helps with my slight posture issues.

Going well so far. Good results after week one. You’ll definately see some good progress by the end if you keep this up.

I’m right with you on point 3,i’ve been a scale person for ages when really all ineeded to do was look in the mirror and take measurements.I’ve looked good 10 pounds heavier than i am now and looked terrible at the same weight!!

It’s all about where you carry it on your body and how you want to look.Can you imagine how good you’ll look after this ,and then when you start a program to build muscle mass!!!there’s only happy days ahead friend.

I agree too. I have been inbetween 15 and 16 and a bit stone (210 to 225lbs) since I was sixteen. At some points (when I was playing a lot of high standard Rugby) I looked good at 16 stone. Now I look a lot worse at 15 1/2!

One thing is for sure, I feel a lot better in life in general when I’m in shape, no matter what the scale says.

Sumo deads: 40 kgs, 9, 9, 9, 9, 4 (need to up the weight next time)
Incline db press: 20 kgs per db 9, 9, 9, 4, 4, 3, 2
Lat pulldowns: 40 kgs, 9, 9, 9, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3
Plank holds 1x35 secs, 1x30 secs

keep up the good work but like you say up them weights so you can’t do 9 reps after you 1st/2nd set.But it’s all trial and error at the start so keep going

I was thinking the same thing. But what is the deal with 9, 9, 9 and then falling to shit with another 4 -5 sets needed to get the required reps in? Is it that I’m not used to intensity and the shorter rest period?

You can’t trust the scale at all if your lifting. Pics are the way to go. I look completely different after my transformation but am only 1.8# from where I started.

Are you drinking water at all in between your shakes?

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