Going Out on the V-Diet

Hi Chris,

This is my 2nd time doing the V-Diet. In general, I’m a fairly outgoing person. Literally. I like to be out of my house way more than inside. Last time, we were in the middle of a move, so it was fairly painless since I got my going-out itch scratched through all the various errands we were running.

This time, it isn’t the case. I’ve been going crazy staying in (though going to bed at a reasonable hour is pretty fine by me… keeps me from hunger pangs late at night). This weekend, there is a big dance party I’d like to go to. It would keep us out of the house until 2 am though. Do you have any recommendations for staying up late and not going crazy? Add a shake maybe? Or would you recommend just waiting until after the diet?

Just separate your shakes with more time in between to stretch them out. If you need an extra scoop on a late night, that’s fine.

And don’t drink booze. :slight_smile:

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