Going in Head First

I have been doing Crossfit for a couple years now. I am not an elite athlete, I just do it for fun. For the last year though I have been feeling that my overall fitness has been either been in a big plateau or even a little slip. Maybe because of age approaching 40 or just life taking over and not training as hard. Anyways, I am thinking of amping up my training and doing some of the local competitions. As my subject title says Going in head first

Planning on getting:
Plazma, MAG-10, Indigo-3g, Micro-PA, Flameout
Brain Candy and Finibar if you recommend too
Good Stack?

How do you recommend I take them and do you recommend to add the Brain Candy and Finibar
What do you suggest for non workout days?

[quote]dto5300 wrote:
Planning on getting:
Plazma, MAG-10, Indigo-3g, Micro-PA, Flameout
Brain Candy and Finibar if you recommend too
Good Stack?[/quote]
I’d say that’s a very solid stack for muscle and strength, yep.

Label recommendation is always the best place to start. Plazma before and during training. Indigo and Micro-PA before training. Mag-10 after training and/or during the day. Flameout anytime.

Those are up to you. Some people like Finibars pre-workout, but they’re great any time of day. Brain Candy is kinda situational. Some use it instead of morning coffee, some use it when they sit down to a pile of paperwork, whenever you need the brain to fire on all cylinders and then some.

On non-training days, you’d still take everything except the Plazma. Mag-10 could be either first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or anytime during the day. Indigo would be before dinner. Micro-PA could be anytime. Flameout would be with or between meals.

Thank you for your response. I have ordered everything suggested except the Finibar for now.
Now for the nitty gritty timing for a noon workout session
10:30 Indigo 6 caps
11:00 Micro-PA 6 caps and Flameout 4 gels
11:45 Plazma 1 serving 65g in 500ml water
12:00-2:00 workout - Plazma 130g in 1000ml water
3:00 MAG-10 1 serving in 500ml water
4:00 MAG-10 1 serving in 500ml water
Brain Candy when needed

Do I still eat a breakfast? if so when and what?
my usual has been 4-5 eggs, 1/3 cup oats, 1 toast at 10:30

And for lunch? when and what?
my usual has been grilled meat, 1 cup of rice, large greens around 3
I’m probably eating the wrong stuff and at the wrong time

For non-workout days follow the same schedule just without the Plazma?

And last, Plazma 3 servings I saw I can mix in 1800ml…just split the
servings into 600ml…and for the MAG-10 make 2 servings in 1000ml and split it 500ml at a time…sound good?

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