Going Grain-Free Post V-Diet


Chris i have been reading a lot of your recipes and i really like how your very devoted to being grain free and overall health. have you ever thought about making a book with all your recipes? after i finish my V-Diet(im in transition right now) i want to start a clean carb cycling bulk to build lean mass.

regarding the carb sources for it what should i stick to to be grain/wheat free? i planned on using potatoes,rice,quinoa,fruits,veggies. i remember seeing one of your posts and you made rice pasta? isnt rice a grain?


I think totally grain free is too strict. Think “wheat free.” That’s the culprit most of the time that gives grains a bad name in some circles. Grain-free choices include rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, and quinoa. See the Training Lab post of mine in the archives about carb choices and Indigo-3G. Lots of info there.

May do a recipe ebook in the future. Stay tuned!


so is it the grains that can give you inflamation or the wheat? also did you mean wheat-free when you gave me those food choices? i thought rice and oats were grains? also i couldnt find that training lab post of yours. whats it called?


Yes, sorry, wheat free, not grain free.

See the book “Wheat Belly” for full info. You can read the first chapter at Amazon for free, but it’s worth buying.

And here’s that Lab: