Going from Great

So here we go. Ive been a semi pro MMA fighter for two years now and I have taken a few injuries so I need a break. In the mean time I need some sort of goal. Instead of a fight…its going to be getting really lean. Here we go!


Crap is it just me or does it look like I stand a little crooked?

ahha your alright dude. Welcome.

So I finally started today. Had to get my 21st birthday out of my system. Stomach is a little upset with all the liquids and nothing solid. Does anyone know if you get used to this?

Welcome to the Diet. Yeah, it passes in a couple days. Your physique now is what I’m hoping to look like at the end of this thing. How long have you been fighting MMA? I’m about to quit my job to pursue hopefully a full time career in MMA.

Well I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 12. I have a black belt in American Kenpo, 4 years of wrestling, and about 2 years of BJJ. Been fighting semi-pro since I was 19 and I just turned 21. I’m taking a break but definitely going to get back into it. What training have you done? Good luck man. Its so worth it. I’m hoping to get really lean and maintain it to make it easier before fights to make weight.

my stomach is feeling the same way…on day 2 and it’s just not quite happy yet…other than that, i’m feelin good! good luck…looks like we’ll be finishing around the same time :)…we’ll have to compare results!

Ya its gotten so much easier. I’m down a few pounds but can’t really see a difference.

how’s it going fatcat?! hope you’re doing well on the diet…best of luck!! :slight_smile:

Its going well I think. Gotten used to the shakes pretty quickly. I am down about 6 lbs. I will take pics soon and post them. How about you?

[quote]jessica841 wrote:
how’s it going fatcat?! hope you’re doing well on the diet…best of luck!! :)[/quote]

was down 3.5 pounds as of day 4…today, though, went to the gym and was up a pound…interesting. whatever, got 23 days ahead still! :slight_smile: tonight’s gonna be my first real challenge…going out to dinner with friends, while not eating with them, followed by a night of drinking, again not by me :).

haha, keep up the great work! you’ll look great by the end of this!

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