Goal to Tone and Lose Weight

Travis asks:

I am looking at ordering some of your products. What would you recommend if my goal was to tone and lose weight? I was definitely thinking of taking Alpha Male® and Rez-V™ together.

Alpha Male and Rez-V together make an excellent stack to improve body composition and overall health.

Do you suspect your testosterone level could use a boost? I ask because Alpha Male is a great testosterone booster and will help you improve your muscle to fat ratio, but if you’re looking to strictly drop fat, Hot-Rox Extreme could be a better place to start (you can still take Rez-V, of course).

But really, a combo of either Alpha Male and Rez-V or Hot-Rox Extreme and Rez-V will get you going in the right direction.

First, I’d recommend shifting the language away from “tone”. It just means building muscle and then revealing it with fat loss, but “tone” is a bit of a dirty word.

So build muscle with a great training plan and dialed in nutrition (we have tons of articles covering both) and amp it up with targeted supplements. I’d actually start with workout nutrition to get the most benefit from your training.

If I had to pick just one to cover a lot of bases, I’d probably go with Mag-10. It’s a protein that’s absorbed super-fast so you can use it after hard training sessions or even during cardio workouts to prevent muscle loss without interfering with fat-burning. It can also sub-in for a meal or between meals to reinforce your daily protein intake.

SBT’s Hot-Rox suggestion is another really good choice because it’s specifically a fat-burning thermogenic. You just can’t take it along with Alpha Male because they share an ingredient and you don’t want to overlap it.

I like to use Hot-Rox in the latter part of a fat loss phase once you’ve been getting results for some weeks/months, to kinda bump up progress in the home stretch. I also find that it squashes my appetite, so that’s obviously handy when cutting calories.

These are the peanut butter and jelly of natural Test boosting. Like Abbott and Costello. Like puppies and belly rubs. You get the picture. They go together perfectly, yes.

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