GNP V-Diet Log

So Yesterday started the journey. 1 day down everything seems to be going good. I originally planned on starting on thursday, but all those supps just sitting in my closet i got the itch and jumped into it after easter. Shakes going down easy, mixing flavors keeping things interesting. Workout on day 1 was good seemed quick got out of the gym in about 30 min.

i work retail and i walk all day (im guessing close to 5 miles a day) i have picked up the speed i walk at to do some NEPA while at work. If i go into work at night i do my NEPA also before work, or if i get out in the afternoon i do more NEPA after work. Is this too much NEPA?

Welcome. Good choice and just starting now and not waiting.

I’ve been told that you cant have too much NEPA (obviously with in reason). Im sure Chris can comment on this and verify for sure. But I would think that would be ok.

Looking forward to your updates.

laujik is right. It’s hard to overdo NEPA. So no worries.

Keep us posted.

Today has gone pretty good, I miss chewing my food, and i am getting really hungry between lunch - bedtime. Shakes are going down fine still. I have a long weekend coming up Thursday - Saturday off. I hope to find the charger for my camera soon so i can take pics.

Lifts from last night:

Front Squat - 135 (5,5,5,5)
Chin ups - 5,5,4,3,3
Dumbell bench press - 110 (5,5,4,3,3)
Ab wheel - 20 reps

First of all, LOVE your avatar. I think I take twice the amount of time to read your posts cause I’m…uh…distracted. LOL.

Second, welcome! Looks like we’re 4/13 start twins too. Keep us updated and remember, already 2 days in the bag, only 26 left. Let’s go!

Eye on the Prize and Stay Strong.

  • Kirby

Day 4…I do not want to drink my 1:30 shake! now i know what people mean when they say day 4-5 are the hardest.

Last nights lifts:

R. Lunge - 50lbs (10,10,10,10)
Bent over row 75lbs (10,10,8,8,4)
Push Press 65 lbs (10,8,8,8,6)
Barbell curl 45lbs (10,10,6,6,8)

Some stats i have from when i started

im 5’10 and was 175.5 on day 1.

[quote]Ground-N-Pound wrote:
Day 4…I do not want to drink my 1:30 shake! now i know what people mean when they say day 4-5 are the hardest.

I hear you Bro. Today is rough. Probably cause its a non-workout day so I’m not as “Go get em!” But the shakes have been tough to take down. Definitely starting to feel the “grind” aspect. Just trying to motivated myself for my first HSM on Saturday.

Push through!!

Eye on the Prize and Stay Strong.

  • Kirby

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