Gnater's Log 3/2012


I started on Saturday March 3rd. I’ve lost 30 lbs over the last two years with improved diet and 2-3x per week lifting/cardio. My trainer and I love the T nation site and he mentioned the V-Diet as a good way to kick me out of my current rut. I’m losing 2-3 lbs per month and am looking to accelerate that.

I don’t care what my final body weight is, but the 30% body fat is an issue. I started this journey after a back injury led to big weight gain. Was nearly 290 and 37% body fat.

Height 5’10"
Weight 260#
Neck 17.5"
Shoulders 53
Chest - Upper 49.5
Chest - Lower 52.5 (man boobs!!)
Waist - at Navel 51
Waist - at largest 51
Hips - at largest 45
Upper Arm - L 17
Upper Arm - R 17.5
Upper Leg - L 25
Upper Leg - R 25
Calf - L 17.5
Calf - R 17

The first day was a bitch from a mental perspective. Never got truly hungry, but i sure did want to eat some food. i broke down after dinner time and ate about 4 slices of turkey breast. I then threw everything away that would tempt me further. (minus what my wife needs to eat).


Did first workout today, noticed a definite loss of steam towards the end. I also don’t recommend the raspberry flavors Surge. Yuck. NEPA’d this afternoon with the wife, sunny day but cool.

Going hiking in the smokies tomorrow so will need to pack a shake for lunch.

Really no temptation to cheat, that’s good. Chewing lots of gum.

Here’s some thoughts for people getting ready to start:

Buy some spices or oils (no calorie) to add to shakes. A little coconut flavor goes a long way, same with peppermint, apple pie spice, cinnamon, etc.
Buy equal parts of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla when you order and mix them up to keep things interesting.
Start on a Monday to keep your mind occupied with work. I started on a Saturday. Wound up cleaning the house from top to bottom to avoid thinking about food. Wasn’t hungry, but you always want what you can’t have. That lasted 2 days.


good start! personally, my favorite MD flavor is banana. i would also recommend that you go easy with the flavorings. save them for when you really need them. part of the v-diet is to break your food addictions. the blandness of having only 3 or 4 flavors available will achieve this.


Gnater, how have you been doing? Sounds like you were struggling, but don’t give up on it. Hopefully, you just haven’t had a chance to post.

It’s funny how different tastes can be. I love the Raspberry Surge, and the only flavor of Metabolic Drive I can eat is the chocolate.