Gmoney34 V-Diet Training Log starting March 1st 2016

Hi there I am starting this log now but I have come down from 284 lbs starting in November 2015 to
237 lbs Feb. 29th 2016.238.

Came down fast but lost muscle and fat. Coming down I was only doing calisthencis ( push ups / chins / dips ) sandwhiched between two 30 mins cardio sessions. It will bring you down fast, but I look flat with no muscle shape.

Anyways back to the old school 3 on one 1 basic compound movements trying to get strong and add some muscle while continuing to loose fat down to come down to my target 220 lbs.

Thanks for listening, I will keep in touch.

Hiya gmoney34,
you already made some amazing progress :), you should be very proud of that. With this VDiet you will get ripped in no time. Stick to it man, keep it simple and consistent. You can do it!!! :slight_smile:

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