Glycogen Re-Feed?

Two weeks into the V-diet and I’m doing pretty well. Have been very strict with my eating - one solid food meal per day consisting of meat, fish, or eggs and a pile of fibrous veggies. I have consumed absolutely zero starch. But I’m looking extremely flat and non-muscular. Could it be that I need to consume some starch or simple sugar at some point? Or is it normal to look (and feel)
a little flat?

Chris talks about that in the other thread, Sick and Tired: Trying The V-Diet,

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I would be shocked if you looked hard and muscular on the V-Diet! Obviously if you’re not consuming a decent amount of carbs, you’re not going to look hard or full, because you won’t have enough muscle glycogen. Since the point of the V-Diet is recomp and lose lots of fat while holding on to muscle, looking hard and full shouldn’t be your priority. Accept the fact that you’ll look more flat than usual during the V-Diet, and when it’s done you can implement carbs smartly. If you’re on the V-DIet, I would not recommend a refeed, it’s not part of the plan.

Yes, you should have starches every day, in the HSM like the program recommends and you should have carbs every time you train, from Plazma like the program recommends.

You’ve been too strict. It’s a natural instinct, but unfortunately it can be counter-productive.

Thank you for the advice Chris.

I’ve used all of the supplements as recommended including 2 servings of Plasma during each weight training session.

Sounds good, thank you. Just wasn’t sure if that was perfectly normal or if I my results may have been unique. As long as it’s normal, I’ll stay on course. So far, so good.

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