Giving It a Shot

Well, since i currently decided i wont be playing football in college, i needed something else to motivate me fitness wise, since i have always based all of my drive to be strong and fast off of football. From this, i didnt always necessarily go for the look aspect, which im beginning to enjoy. in short, i put on a shit ton of unneeded weight for football which serves me no purpose now. so you are warned, i am a compact ball of muscle mass and shitty fat right now, which is why im here!

so lets get this shit started.

18 years old

wk 1
200 lbs(havent gotten body fat tested)
naval: 38.5
Chest: 41
hips: 37
r arm: 15.5
l arm: 14.5 (if you havent guessed by now, i masturbate on the reg. cuz thats what real men do)
r and l thigh: 25

now for the day 1 pics, 4/1/10 (i posted these results on the forum late)



start of week 2, measurements
weight: 192 (5 lb loss)
Naval- 37 (1.5 inches lost)
Chest- 41 (no loss)
Hips- 36 (1 inch lost)
Neck: 18.5 (wtf?)
R arm: 16 (.5 increase)
L arm: 15 (.5 increase)
legs: 25 (no increase)



Keep it up dude.

start of week 4

weight: 188
naval: 37
Chest: 41
Neck: 16
R arm: 15
L arm: 14.5
Thighs: 26

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