Girlfriend and I on the V-Diet


First things first:
My girlfriend is 5’5" tall and has a killer body and is about 130 lbs. I am 6’1" and 220 to 225. When I go to the Gym every week, and don’t skip, I am as strong as HELL!!! I took a 5 month vacation from the gym (we just had a baby & I hurt my shoulder a little). 5 months ago I was benching 405 lbs. 2 reps on flat bench. The problem isn’t that I can’t gain MUSCLE, the problem is I can’t lose all the FAT!!! We need Help!!

Now that she is done Nursing the Baby, we can start the V-Diet. I’ve only, on my own, gotten down to about 12.8% body FAT and that was difficult. My workout buddy is down to about 9%. I’m probably back up in the mid 20% range, but I’m affraid to even know.

This is where I hope your V-Diet will help. I can be very commited, especially when your girlfriend and buddy are helping. I would like to get down to a good BODY FAT %. Can you direct us (girlfriend & me) in the right direction to find your V-Diet. It seems like it is everywhere in your web site, but I don’t know what all to put together and how.
Thank You,
Aaron & Diana (aaronselk)

Hi Guys! Good for you for making the decision and the commitment–it’s a big one but worth it! It’s nice that you can do it together!

Go here:

I linked off the first page (2nd post)to the Women’s V-Diet, printed the whole thing out and started there. I figured out my calorie needs–it was easy since I started at the same weight Mr. Shugart used as the example. Then, I ordered my stuff–there’s a link to the Women’s V-Diet / Biotest Store on the same post. While I waited for my shipment, I made a cheesy spreadsheet detailing what time I’d get up, what supplements to take when, which shake at what time – how many scoops, etc.

And then I started. I admit that I obsessed for a few days about whether or not I was doing it right, but it’s pretty simple if you keep it simple. I can fuck up anything with enough effort, but I used that thread print out as my bible. 17 days later, it’s become a routine. I don’t think about it anymore–I’m on autopilot.

Did you have specific questions about where to start? Cause I realize that this post sounds like I’m talking to a 5-year old. Duh. My apologies!

Good luck to you both!

How did you like the shakes? Can you recommend a flavor?

They’re all good! I ordered all 5 flavors, but quickly got sick of banana and orange. I think that the chocolate and vanilla are the most versatile.

I’ve added instant decaf coffee to both; peppermint extract to the chocolate, raspberry extract to both; cinnamon to the vanilla, and so on. It’s hard to get sick with that much variety. I ended up mixing the strawberry, orange and banana all together in one tub and using that. I placed another order just for the chocolate and vanilla and feel relieved!

But, everyone has different tastes…try them all, and be glad that we’ve got choices!

How about the HOT-ROX Extreme? Did they make you jittery? thank you for all the info that you are giving us. we really want to do this and don’t want to do it wrong and waste $$$$$.

Yes, I’m using HOT-ROX Extreme, and yes, I had the jitters the first day, and a headache for 2, but then I settled down. Now I drink my morning shake with black iced coffee and chocolate Metabolic Dive–with no jitters. I started with one HOT-ROX in the morning and one in the afternoon on the first day; 2 in the a.m. and one in the p.m. on the 2nd day, but was doing 2 and 2 by day 3.

One of my motivators for doing this right the first time was the $$$. I didn’t want to lay out all that money only to have that shit collecting dust because I couldn’t finish. I made that commitment and stuck to it. You’re lucky that you’ve got each other. Check out Banu & Jeremy’s Log–husband and wife in it to win it–together!

good luck guys, its a tough one but you can do it! its harder than both of us thought.

i am 5’6" and started at 140 and my weight goal was 125. my husband’s weight is coming off faster and i think its because 1. its a guy thing and 2. he had more weight to lose. so i would say to girlfriend: if you are lifting like you are suppose to try not to get discouraged if the numbers on the scale dont go down too much…focus on measurements more because at this stage where you only have about 10 lbs its more about how clothes look and measurements!

im preaching to myself too…i cant tell you how much ive wanted to quit this week because im stuck at 135 (loss of only 5 lbs) and we are on day 18. but im going to stick with it because the inches have been coming off. i think the key for us girls at this stage is to do this diet to see how much our body is willing to lose on its own and then workout like hell to tighten up. thats my plan anyway.

congrats on baby. i have an 11 yr old, 9 yr old and 19mo old…all girls :slight_smile:

hey guys! good luck!
i’m jealous that you get to work as a team… i had a V-Diet partner lined up, but he dropped out due to the price (he was a bigger guy than me, so his diet would’ve cost a bunch more than mine did).

i’m only on day 2 myself, so i’m just a beginner, but it’s a really exciting project to be participating in!

my only advice is to avoid the orange cream flavor Metabolic Drive… maybe it’s just me, but i have a LOT of difficulty with how it tastes!

anyways, i look forward to hearing the details!

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