Girl on V-Diet


Hey, need a little encouragement.

Really want to dive into something and get some results. I’m 5’5 155lbs, about 30% body fat.

I lift 3x a week, and desperately want to drop some major body fat!!

Why should I do this program? If I purchase he products and stick to the program, what kind of results can I expect to see?


You’ll get the results based on what you put into it. You could fail totally or lose a lot of fat rapidly while at the same time losing your bad dietary habits and cravings. That is up to you and your efforts and dedication.

Please read the diet in its entirety to see if it’s right for you.


I’m in the middle of the third week. I started at 155lbs and am 5’5 too. I’ve only lost 7 lbs, but, hey, it is a fat loss program. I’ve lost inches! I’m glad I’m doing the diet. I’ve followed it exactly, but its not an easy thing to do! I am becoming mentally stronger, and I’m realizing more and more what food is really for. Its not to make you feel better, or something to do when you are bored. Its nutrition. This diet is completely doable if you are dedicated, and willing to give up chewing for 28 days (except for you once a week HSM)! My only wish is I had more time for NEPAs because I feel my results would be even better.

Please feel free to visit my diet log and ask me any questions!


[quote]ginacg02 wrote:
I’m in the middle of the third week. I started at 155lbs and am 5’5 too. I’ve only lost 7 lbs,

Remember, most people say that you can only lose a pound of fat per week. So you’re losing fat at more than double the normal rate, even if you count a pound or so of that as “water” loss, which is common with all lower carb diets in the first day or two.

So, you’re doing great!


I did this a couple of months ago the diet wasn’t that difficult to stick to. I always kept in mind that it had a definite beginning and end time. Make sure to enjoy your HSM. Drink lots of water and really, really do your measurements correctly. You will notice more inch loss than pound loss. The transition phase was sort of harder for me than the diet, I felt sort of like I was in limbo between eating and not eating.
Good luck, make sure to do the diet as written, do not use another protein powder or anything, or if you do don’t call it the Velocity diet.
You will get lots of support here, if you post daily. I did, and it did help me stay focused. The workout can be a challenge if you push yourself through it and do the correct rest times.
Oh I’m 5’4.5 and started at around 165 and I’m 46:)