Giovanni's V-Diet Program


I am mixing beginner and intermediate exercises although Chris had advised me against. He said to pick one program and to stick with it.

Ok starting my diet tomorrow, I am going to do body measurements tonight and post back as soon as I get them all! Im excited. Had my last dinner tonight, salad, broiled chicken, top sirloin, and brown rice! Mmmm. I am going to miss food!

Velocity Diet 9/21/09

Height 6’0"
Weight (lb) 21-Sep
Girth (cm)
Neck 41.3
Chest 105.4
Shoulder 120
Upper arm 35.6
Waist 94
Hip 95.25
Thigh 62.9
Calf 41.3

welcome and good luck… Im doing intermediate weights and beginner v-burn… I hate anything cardio… and love weights… I usually do my cardio in the form of circuts thats why I love these workouts…

If your good at pull-ups just do the intermediate workout i think you will be able to do it… you may surprise yourself.



Ok day 9, 196lbs this morning.

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