Gio's Log

Wassup everyone…

Today is my first day on the V-Diet and I’m loving the shakes… “I usually don’t drink protein shakes, but when I do I prefer Metabolic Drive” (gotta say that in a smooth spanish accent)… they are “magically delicious” and it only takes about a minute to make.

Anyways, here are my stats:

Height: 6’1
Weight: 190.0
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 49.5
Chest: 42.5
Waist: 34
Hips: 38
Arms: 13.5 L / 13.5 R
Legs: 22.5 L / 22.5 R
Calves: 15 L / 15 R
Ankle: 9 L / 9 R

Alright… I forgot to post my workout that I did, here it is:

Bent-Over Barbell Row: 185# - 5/5/4/3/2/1

Overhead Squat: 165# - 4, dropped down to 155# for 5, and had to drop down to 145# for 3/3/3/2

Dip: 50# 5/5/4/3/2/1

Ab-Wheel Rollout - 5/5/4/4/2 *Did partial standing rollouts because the knees are too easy and I can’t quite do a full standing one yet.

Band pull-aparts: I added these ones in, I just did 2 sets of 20 with a light woody band

For me, the hardest part of this workout were the Overhead Squats. 30 seconds seems like 5 seconds with the Overhead Squats, when I dropped down to 155# I should of stuck with it, the only reason I dropped down was because it seemed like I couldn’t really lift it explosively especially with only 30 seconds of rest and the 165# weight… well, maybe if it was 1 min of rest in between but that was not the case and I over estimated how much the rest times would effect the weight. Other than that it wasn’t too bad, for some reason I was expecting to be on floor in the fetal position but I actually recover pretty fast and as soon as my gymboss beeped I was on it and hit the gas!

Between exercises it only took about 45 seconds to a minute, luckily for me I work out at home in my garage and don’t have to worry about someone taking my spot or my personal favorite… some idiot curling in the squat rack (out of all the free space!). Not to mention I get to blast my radio with my playlist, today I was feeling pretty funky so I popped in my “Gio’s Zapp/Funk Mix”, seeing how the workout was only about 30 minutes I only got through: Dazz Band - Let It Whip, Zapp & Roger - Dance Floor, Kool & The Gang - Hollywood Swinging, Ronnie Hudson - Westcoast Poplock, & The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! Too bad I didn’t get to some of my George Clinton Parliament-Funkadelic songs, that would of made it extra “funky”.

I don’t know about everybody else but man can I feel the HOT-ROX Extreme, I can’t even sit down for 5 minutes. It reminds my of when I was a little kid jumping off the walls and getting into trouble, I was like Dennis the Menace on speed. Well, I’ll probably ride my cruiser later on today to calm myself down a bit and count it as part of my daily NEPA.

Okay… well, yesterday I did end up riding my cruiser (it’s the same one in the pic… sexy ain’t it?), well actually it’s a lowrider cruiser which is pretty much a 20" lowrider frame but bondoed to look like a cruiser.

Anyways, I rode it for about an hour and a half and going up some of the hills is quite difficult seeing as how my cruiser is only rolling on dubs and I don’t want to pedal standing because it looks way cooler siting down and looking “G’d up” so I just made my quads do a little extra work but not too much of course.

Anyways, on to Day 2:

I took 2 HOT-ROX Extreme this morning and instead of taking another 2 later on today I think I’m just going to take 1 and I’ll ease into 4 a day tomorrow if all goes well, mainly because I had a bit of trouble going to sleep last night even with 3 zma and 3 Z-12 but I’ve always had a bit of trouble sleeping here and there. I also already drank my morning shake, so it went a little bit like this:

08:25am: wake-up and immediately take 2 HOT-ROX Extreme with half a bottle of water
09:00am: drink first shake of the day

and it will probably end up like this:

12:30pm: drink shake #2
12:40pm: take NEPA walk, probably about an hour of walking because I’m going to walk to the
grocery store and pick up some fiber tablets then walk back home to drop it off and
finally walk to barnes & noble to pick up Chad Waterbury’s “Huge In A Hurry”. I
figure if I’m doing his workouts, I want to learn more about what I’m doing.
03:30pm: drink shake #3
07:00pm: drink shake #4
10:00pm: drink shake #5
11:30pm: go to bed

I am actually a full time student at my university, and we finished June 12 so I don’t have to worry about studying, going to class, homework, and etc. Now all I have is just my part-time job (I don’t work until Thursday), and have quite a bit of free time, so I set out some errands for today.

I’m going to clean my whole place up (I’m a bit of a clean freak), I need to do a few house repairs, and when that’s done I’ll relax for a bit and do some reading. Actually my girlfriend wanted me to go with her to the mall because she wanted to do some shopping, and I actually thought about going with her but when I weighed out the pros and cons, the cons out weighed the pros. The only 2 pros I could think of is:

  1. Get to watch her try on sexy outfits
  2. I’ll get “boyfriend points” which can favor in my direction wink wink


  1. I will most likely miss my protein shake
  2. Spend an hour deciding on which shoe to get and at the end she will probably end up buying both.
  3. Because I’m there she will most likely end up buying more than usual and instead of me carrying a few bags it will more likely end up me doing a farmer’s walk around the entire mall. (definately more than NEPA)
  4. Because the amount of time being at the mall and me missing my shake I’ll will probably be starving and might end up cheating. (A definate NO)

…I’ll probably stop by and see what she bought, most likely I’ll get a free show.

I was reading “10 Ways to Fail the V-Diet” and I started thinking… You know what should of been on there? Not focusing on the task on hand or Not taking it one step at a time. I’ve seen this happen a lot of times with any goal, they say: “3 more months of this?! I don’t know if I can take it” or in this case “28 day of drinking nothing but shakes?!”, at that point they are now self defeating themselves.

What a most people need to do is focus on what they are doing now… “Okay… I’m having trouble drinking these shakes…” I see this a lot, well what I would do is focus on drinking that one shake and tough it out… now that you finished the shake move on, it’s done with and focus on the next task, NEPA walk… do that, and etc… That’s the way I look at things, and that is the way I was brought up… My dad is real old school.

I remember when I was 13 my dad made me work over the summer at this ridiculously large house in the hills of Bel-Air (He was a supervisor for a construction company that did all the finish woodwork… moldings, cabinets, and etc.) and my job was doing all the grunt work which was:

moving around A LOT of large moldings, moving scaffolds, helping out the other workers, sanding by hand (lol… my dad likes things the old fashion way and he is such a perfectionist), and a lot of cleaning, not to mention the entire time I never wore any gloves because my dad said: “You need to toughen up those hands, and what if you were broke? You think you would spend $10 dollars on gloves when you can use that money for ‘necessities’?”

Well, at that job my dad gave me tasks to do, but he didn’t say everything I had to do. What he would do was give me one task to do and I had to do it right and I had to do it right the first time then I would have to go to him when I finished the task and he would inspect my work to make sure everything was “perfect”, then he gave me another task to do, and so on for the entire 8 hours until everything was all cleaned up and we all went home.

I did this Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 3:00pm (had to wake up at 5:00am because from where we lived it was about an hour drive to the house)the entire summer and I never complained about it, because if I did complain or whine my dad would back hand me in the face and say “Real men don’t cry, complain, or whine… suck it up!”

Also, you don’t just stand around, no hands in your pockets, you have to walk fast, and these rules were for everybody not just me because if my dad caught you just strolling down to your work bench or hands in you pocket… he would go off on you, and he didn’t cuss… he didn’t need to cuss, he would look you dead in the eye raise his voice and there was something about his tone of voice, very firm and he meant business… the funny thing is that he is not a big guy, about 5’7 and 160lbs, but he does have this “napoleon complex”.

Anyways, that’s just my .02 cents and little story about my life.

Well, that’s it for now and I’ll try to keep this log updated as often as possible, and I did take pics Sunday when I measured and weighed myself and I’ll either post them up later on today or tomorrow.

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”…

… ain’t that the truth?

Day 3:

What a tough day I tell ya! I was feeling a bit nauseous this morning, even during my workout I thought I was going to pass out and puke, luckily it went away towards the end of my workout. I actually did this workout at my local YMCA because I did not have any dumbells and the seat on my bench is broken so I did not want to fall on my ass while doing the incline db bench press. The first workout I did was a joke compared to this, most likely due to the fact that I ate pretty good the day before and it carried over to the next day. Well, here is what I did:

Pullups (wide grip): 20# - 9/6/4/4/3/3/3/3/2/2/1

Incline Bench: 50# DB - 9/8/7/5/4/4/3

Romanian Deadlift: 225# - 9/9/8/8/6

Curls: 75# - 9/8/7/6/4/3 *I never really do curls, so it took some trial and error to figure out the weight

Hanging Leg Raises: BW - 9/9/9/7/6

The pullups and the bench proved to be the toughest for me, and I should of gone a lot heavier with the romanian deadlifts. Not sure how I can make the hanging leg raises harder, the only thing I can think of is strapping on some ankle weights, I don’t think I want to put a dumbell between my feet because it might fall off and hit me in the face. I was sweating like a mad man today, my grip was slipping on the pullups and I pretty much did all of my deadlifts with the bar on the crooks of my fingers (note: hook-grip doesn’t really work with sweaty fingers), no sweat though my grip and finger strength has always been pretty good (at least I think so).

Working out at the “Y” wasn’t too bad though, although 90% of their equipment were a bunch of machines, they had all what I needed (bench, dumbells, barbells, weights, and a pullup bar). Also, I should of brought my chalk bag that I use for bouldering… I know the folks that work there and they don’t mind as long as I wipe it all off and actually I can ever work out without shoes. I really like working out barefoot, it just seems “natural” to me, so all I went in was with sandals and took them off when I started my set and put them back on when I was done.

Well, that’s it for now and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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