GI Trouble on Day 3

I started the Velocity Diet Monday, Jan 26 as a kickstart before I move into a traditional precontest bodybuilding diet. I used to compete as a light-heavyweight in NPC shows. After getting married, having a baby, and relocating for work all in 18 months my body composition SUCKS!

Anyway, here’s my issue. My digestive system is thrashed! The gas alone could clear a football stadium, and it feels like I’ve been wiping with sandpaper (must be the milled flax seeds!). I’m no stranger to protein shakes (usually drink 3/day prior to V-Diet) or challenging food restrictions (dieted 18 weeks for last series of shows w/no slip-ups). But, something’s got to give! I can’t take being nauseated all day, then peeling the paint off the walls from gas at night, and feeling like my brown-eye has been set on fire. I’ve spent a lot of money, and I’m committed to seeing this through, but there HAS to be some changes made!

Is anyone else having these kinds of problems? I don’t have a weak stomach in general, I can tolerate the spiciest of foods, and protein shakes have never affected me like this. Is is due to the milled flax seed? Should I switch to flax oil instead? Any other suggestions? Is this just something I have to tolerate? Like I said, I REALLY WANT to complete this, and a lack of willpower is not an issue.

I’m off to buy some Tuck’s Medicated Pads while I await responses. THANKS!

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