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Hi all. I am a GGX instructor and I teach cardio 3 times a week. I don’t want to give up classes for 28 days. Is there a way around this? How do I keep teaching and me not lose muscle?
I would appreciate any advice
Thank you


I used to know a guy who would eat a meatball parm hero before teaching cardio kickboxing classes. I don’t recommend that approach. He was very round.

I’m guessing you’re doing the V-Diet since you’re talking about the 28 days? Depending on the intensity of the class, you might try either one scoop of Plazma before or during (though Plazma is usually overkill and Mag-10 is better suited for cardio session even though it’s not part of the V-Diet) or a Metabolic Drive shake an hour or so before class - maybe even just a one-scoop so you’re not running on empty.



This was very helpful because I really want to follow the 28 day diet to the t, but I was afraid I might get in trouble. I have to give energy to my students, so I will try Mag-10. I hope I still get results I am hoping for. :slight_smile:


So this morning marks day 7 on the v-diet. I am about to do some measurements. I got on the scale this morning and saw that I had gained 2 pounds from last Monday. I am feeling discouraged. I have been completely committed to the diet, except for yesterday when I had a cheat meal. I had things I hadn’t eaten in a long time, but I figure one meal is not going to kill my 6 day streak of being pretty much right on. Is this typical? What should I expect next week? I also am a GGX instructor so I am burning like 600 calories on top of the diet 3 days a week. I am thinking maybe it is my body. I know that my body has never gone under the weight I am at since almost 30 years. The weight I have never really gone below is 155-150. I am 158 right now. In all honesty, my water intake sucked yesterday, but could that account for the 2 lbs gained? I’m needing some encouragement. I want to keep going, but I am afraid that my body will just put on more weight during this diet instead of losing. Could anyone give me advice? Are there bodies that just are conducive to this diet?


First, make sure you focus on measurements, not just scale weight. You could lose several inches but only go down a pound or two on the scale due to muscle/water.

Second, there’s no reason why you would gain weight on this plan. The two-pound jump was absolutely from the cheat meal and reduced water intake, which means the measurements may be skewed temporarily. Consider re-measuring in a day or two when the post-cheat bloat has gone away.

Get right back on track, stick with the plan, and if you’re going to cheat (which does not mean it’s okay to cheat again, you’ve only got like 20 days left), don’t do it the day before a progress check-in, ya goof. That’s, like, literally the worst time to have a cheat day.

You certainly didn’t kill progress though. At worst, you just threw off the measurement numbers for this week, so I’d put an asterisk next to them and make sure you do better next week.

What you’re saying about bodies being resistant to weight loss is sort of a thing. There’s some legitimacy to a body’s setpoint, discussed here, where the body essentially becomes accustomed to a certain weight/bodyfat level, and it takes focused work to re-calibrate things. It’s absolutely possible, but that’s more a factor of what you do after the V-Diet than during it.