Getting Through the Beginning of the V-Diet

I’m getting ready to embark on the Velocity diet. 46 years old, 210 pounds. I have done well with Paleo style diets in the past, but really struggled with intermittent fasting. The last time I tried it, I blew way past the calorie limits on my regular eating day.
Eating in the morning, I will have a protein shake, 4 oz of meat, and some steamed vegetables, and be hungry in 3 hours.
I’m concerned with how well I will be able to handle the hunger pangs in the first week or so.
Any advice, or am I just going to have to tough it out?

To be honest, a little bit this, yeah. You’re cutting calories to lose fat. It ain’t tickling your tender bits. It’ll suck, but it’ll only suck for a little while. And, most important to remember, it’s worth it.

Also don’t think of it as a 4-week diet. Re-frame it as “it’s just a couple of days.” The only thing you need to do is get through a couple of days (over and over for a couple of weeks, but that’s not the focus). And actually, it’s really only a couple of hours between shakes, and they lead to a good sit-down dinner at the end of the every day.

More practically speaking: You can “fluff up” the shakes by playing around with the water content. Less water makes them kinda spoonable. You can get almost a yogurt consistency if you experiment a bit. More water means you’re drinking more stuff (it’ll dull down the flavor a bit though, so I wouldn’t do something extreme like 32oz water per shake).

Coffee or tea without any calorie-containing add-ins can also help. I’d stay away from diet sodas because it could interfere with the brain-retraining in terms of craving sweets. Staying busy and taking your mind off eating is another way to get through. Buckling down on a work project, doing chores, or running errands to give you something else to pay attention to.

“Worst case” scenario, you can try splitting up the shakes. Instead of two scoops per shake, try having two 1-scoopers spread over an hour or two.

IF just doesn’t work for some people. I’ve learned for myself that I just can’t handle that kind of approach, because after fasting for a prolonged time, when it’s time to eat, I gorge. I’ve tried it a few different times and it’s simply not an option for me.

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