Getting Superfood and L-Leucine

Hi there!!!

So i am super excited about starting the V-Diet. But there are several problems.

Here in spain we dont have a wide array of Biotest products.

I cant get my hands on: Suprefood and L-Leucine.

is there anyway i could substitute? I cant order from outside spain, because its not allowed due to customs restrictions in food and supplements.

I saw some aminoacids blends that contain like 2g of L-Leucine. Should i simply double it up and take it?

What about Superfood?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Same problem here. I’d like to give this a shot later in the spring, but free amino acids are forbidden in Norway, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the authorities have some problem with HOT-ROX as well. Even if I do get the stuff through customs I worry that I’ll end up paying twice the price because of shipping and toll rates.

Why don’t you guys concider going global with Biotest shops everywhere? I’m sure you’d make a ton of money.

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