Getting Started on the V-Diet


A little background
Age: 51…will be turning 52 in a couple of months
Lifting history: I started when I was 13, following programs in M&F, Ironman, etc., for years before I came to the conclusion the information provided wasn’t going to work for me without using a needle. The basic program I follow now is Wendler’s 5-3-1, and I’m happy with the progress I’m making.

Why I’m trying the V / Goals: I’m a pretty active guy, but I’m also a single father that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that training (for me) works best when I have a goal that goes beyond just trying to look good. I wish I had discovered this fact about myself years ago.

Anyway, I enjoy doing obstacle races (Bone Frog, Tough Mudder) and, though I’ve come through them pretty well, often leaving younger members of our team behind, I want to be better. The next step in doing that is to shed any additional weight that doesn’t contribute to being a better athlete.

Aside from the solid nutritional / training aspects, I went with the V-diet because it’s convenient. As I stated previously, I’m a single father, with very little time to spend in the kitchen cooking meals as some of the other more popular programs require. I need something easy, and the V seems to meet that requirement.

Changes I’ve had to make to the Advanced Training Program: My left knee has a meniscus tear, and I lack some mobility in my shoulders, so I had to drop the Overhead Squats. In its place, I’m completing Front Squats for a straight set, followed by Single Arm Dumbell Shoulder Press for a straight set. I tried to replace the Overhead Squat with Barbell Thrusters, but it just didn’t work for me.
I also have some shoulder impingement issues, so I replaced the Bench Press with a 20° Dumbell Bench Press, per Jason Feruggia’s advice. It’s made a big difference for me, so if any of you reading this have the same issues, consider making the change.

Because I’m doing Front Squats on my first training day of each week, I’ve replaced the Front Squat on the third training day with Trap Bar Deadlifts. I’ve been doing this movement for a long time now, really like it, and can move a lot more weight for the required reps than I can with the Front Squat.

Concerns: So far, making sure the HSMs I make stay within the guidelines of the plan. There are a lot of recipes out there that spell things out for me, but I have to make sure I’m making enough variety for my daughter.
Well…here I go. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

vichamr8 @ V-Diet Day 3

Aside from a few small hunger pains here and there, I managed to get through the day pretty well. I think it helps that I tend not to be a big eater to begin with, so transitioning to the V program hasn’t been a problem. It’s also helped that for several weeks prior to V initiation, I practiced some of the Advanced Program movements and dialed in my weights.
Anyway, I know it’s only been one day, but so far so good.

Breakfast ~930AM
Plazma + Workout ~11AM
Reps: 20 total per exercise
Rest: 30 seconds between each set
Load: Heavy (4-5 RM)

A) CS Row / Bent Over Row (132) 5-10-15-20
B) Front Squats (135) 5-10-15-20
C) SAOH Dbell Press (55) 5-9-14-18-20
D) Dips (35) 5-10-15-20
E) Ab-Wheel Rollout (BW) 15-28-38-45
NEPA = 50 minute hike with
Lunch ~1230PM
Mid-Afternoon ~230PM
Before Bed ~5PM Completed early due to eating dinner late
NEPA 530PM- 50 minute hike with Wendie
HSM ~7PM- 3 baked chicken thighs, small salad with greek vinagrette dressing


I woke up feeling pretty good. I have a little bit of hunger in my belly, but not too bad at all. I’m still not very hungry, and haven’t really noticed a depletion of energy from lack of food. I’m thinking the Metabolic Drive is keeping me going. It’s kind of nice to not have to worry about finding the right food to put in my belly.

Breakfast ~6AM
Lunch ~1100AM
NEPA ~1130AM- Treadmill at Fitness Center, Hill Program @ 4MPH, Level 10
Mid-Afternoon ~300PM
HSM ~630PM- Baked Salmon, 1 potato, 5 asperagus, 1 small salad w/ italian dressing
Before Bed ~830PM


I feel about the same as I did yesterday. No real cravings to speak of. My workout went pretty well today. I felt strong out of the gate, and did better on the pullups than I did last week. I’m not one to focus on the scale, but just for giggles I got on one at the fitness center I go to during work hours. I weighed in at about 209 and some change last week (weight at mid-day, non-evacuated if you know what I mean). Today I weighed in at 203 and some change. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve lost that much weight that quickly. On the other hand, I do feel a bit leaner, so maybe. I don’t really like the idea that I’ve lost that much weight that quickly, on the other hand, my workout was strong today, so I guess I’m ok.
Breakfast ~6AM
Lunch ~10AM
Plazma + Workout ~1230PM
Reps: 40 total per exercise
Rest: 45 seconds between each set
Load: Medium (8-9 RM)
A) Pull-up (BW) 9-17-22-27-31-35-38-40
B) Incline Dumbell Press (20%) (70) 9-14-19-24-28-32-36-40
C) Romanian Deadlift (215) 9-14-19-24-28-32-36-40
D) Rope Curl (15.5) 9-18-25-30-35-40
E) AOK2E (BW) 15-25-32-38-40
Mid-Afternoon ~300PM
HSM ~630PM- Baked Salmon, 1 cube of potato, 5 asperagus, 1 small salad w/ italian dressing
Before Bed ~830PM


I’ve finished the first 7 days on the V-Diet. My plan had been to update my diet/workout log every day, but, unfortunately, it’s a goal I won’t be able to keep. My evenings are just too busy trying to keep up with everything I need to do to make sure my daughter’s taken care of and ready to start fresh for school the following day. From now on, I’m just going to keep track of my workouts in my Excel tables and not bother writing down the times I drink the shakes. As long as I’m having them about every 3-hours I don’t think its necessary.

Anyway, I’ve weighed myself today, and I’m around 202.5-ish. It’s about the loss of a pound from this time last week. It’s not much in the way of weight, however, my clothes do feel like they fit differently and my strength doesn’t seem to have diminished as a result of the diet. Overall, it’s about a 7lb drop from my weigh-in completed 2 days before I started the diet, so I think I’m doing ok.

I haven’t been super hungry at all. Yes, I get this gnawing little hunger in my belly when I get to the 2 to 3-hour point after my previous shake, but I haven’t found that too uncomfortable. However, what I do get tired of is just drinking chocolate, vanilla, or a combination of the two 4 times a day. That said, I need the convenience/ease of the a liquid diet, and as long as my nutritional needs are being met, I can deal with it for another 21 days. But damn, it sure would be nice if they could come up with a pizza, or bacon-flavored shake, haha.

As far as the supplements, I think I’m sold on Plazma. Sure, its tastes a bit gnarly, but it really seems to keep me going on my mid-week workout session. I’ll probably also continue to purchase the Metabolic Drive. It doesn’t seem to be any more expensive than what I get at my local health food/nutrition store, and it seems to pack more of a punch, so it only makes sense.

That’s it for the first week.


I just finished my second week on the V-Diet. I still feel strong, am hovering around 199 so I haven’t lost much from last week. However, I do appear thinner in the mirror, and my clothes fit well, so things are coming along ok.

Toward the later end of the second week I did experience some physical exhaustion. It hit me kind of out of the blue, Up until that point, I’d been feeling pretty good. I seem to have recovered from it, so perhaps it was a culmination of stress from work, and home.

I realized a couple of days ago that I was going to run out of Plazma before the V-Diet is complete. I did a search of the forums, and I’m not the first to have come to this conclusion. I thought the purchase included enough supplements to get the user through the program based on the author’s recommendations, but I thought wrong. That said, like others here, I believe the suggested amount of Plazma to be used during the workouts is too high. I would recommend anyone planning on doing this diet to cut their Plazma consumption in half for the 20 and 25 rep workouts. For the 40 rep workout, and the V-Burn challenge, I think 1.5 scoops will do the job. I’ve ordered another bag of Plazma. Hopefully it will arrive before I need it.

That’s it for now.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my V-Diet experience, I completed the program on April 15th, and went of vacation the following Sunday so I haven’t had a chance to add anything until now.

I finished the program without incident, and never craved donuts like Dan John said I would.

I found the very final workouts a grind, but that believe that has more to do with the weight selection I chose than a loss of energy associated with the diet. If I were to do this again (and I probably will), I would choose a bit differently in that regard.

I did take before pictures, but didn’t take any after pics. I just ran out of time getting ready for my vacation. However, I do have some numbers to post that I believe are impressive.

I’m fortunate to have a gym at my work site, and two great athletic trainers to which I can turn for assistance. I had them take some caliper measurements before and after I started the diet.

Before the V-Diet
Chest = 18 mm
Abdomen = 28 mm
Thigh = 8 mm
Waist = 39.5inches
Total Bodyweight = 210 lbs
Body composition based on the measurements listed above
171 lbs lean weight
39.5 lbs body fat
= 18.5% body fat

After the V-Diet
Chest = 11 mm
Abdomen = 18 mm
Thigh = 6 mm
Waist = 36.75 in
Total Body Weight = 196 lbs
Body composition based on measurements above
170.5 lbs lean weight
25.5 lbs body fat
= 13.1% body fat

So, by following the V-Diet, I dropped my body fat percentage by 5.4%, and only lost about a half-a-pound of muscle mass, I’d say that’s not to shabby at all!

I’m pretty happy with my results, and plan on taking what I’ve learned over the past 30 days forward as I train. Right now, I’m about 3-weeks out from my obstacle race, and have started doing short, interval runs and a shortened version of Dan John’s Kettlebell challenge in preparation. I did gain back a little bit of weight during my vacation, but fully expect to drop it, and a little extra, just before the race.

Following the race, my plan is go to back to the kind of lifting I did prior to the V-Diet; 5/3/1-type training twice a week, with the addition of BJJ training in between lifting sessions. What I need to do in preparation for this, is research a supplement program to help me out, so if any of you out there have some suggestions, I’m all ears.

I’d say the V-Diet program delivers.