Getting Sick w/ Colds

How many of you V-Veterans got sick during your V-Diet? Anything from a mild cold upwards qualifies as a positive reply.
I’d like to emphasize that I am NOT knocking the Velocity Diet. I think it is a great tool, I’ve used it myself with fantastic results, and I would do it again. It’s just that I noticed many people get sick somewhere around their second week in (including Chris Shugart in the experiment that started it all).

I’m thinking it might be a good idea to add some extra immune support (I don’t know in what form, just speculating) to the diet protocol.
Also wondering what Mr. Shugart would suggest for a V-Dieter to do if he/she got sick while on the diet.

Hey G-unit i feel the same way i have been on the diet for 6 days and im getting a sore throat and feeling cold dont know why? but as everyone seems to say SUCK IT UP so i am.

Do you have any solutions for feeling hungry all the time? and especially at night cant fall asleep. I have dropped 8 pounds in the first 6 days probably a lot of water.

But i am following the diet and taking vitamins and all that. Please let me know what you think

and also did you get stomach pains?

I’ve had this happen before, but on a different low-carb diet. I did this unbelievably stupid “whey and peanut butter” diet some years ago that I got from another weightlifting-related site. Today I regard the V-diet as that same diet “done right”.

Anyway, I got some pretty severe cold/flu symptoms twice while doing it, and I’m not sure what the cause is, but subsequent low carb diet runs haven’t had the same effect.

If this is your first serious low carb diet attempt, I may posit the hypothesis that your body is being shocked into a new mode of mobilizing energy, and these are the side effects of acclimatisation. If this is the case, you may be able to just “power though it” like I did.

On the other hand, it’s probably not very good advice to ignore what your body is telling you.

Either way, yeah, others have experienced the same thing.

thanx man im going to power through I HOPE

[quote]j88 wrote:
and also did you get stomach pains?[/quote]

YES! my stomach has been hurting the majority of the day towards the top of the stomach underneath my sternum. It feels like a combination of being too full/about to barf.

Taking a multivitamin and probiotic is a must IMO. If you know your body and have experimented in the past, you can add in higher doses of the specific nutrients you think you may be missing.
I’ve read some VERY interesting stuff about micronutrient deficiencies (chromium specifically) in people who are fed intravenously for an extended period of time with a controlled solution.

In a way this is similar - you are getting all your macros, but it’s impossible to cover all the micronutrients by “adding them back in”. I think the PB is a wise addition and could help with this issue as well.

On the other hand, since the diet is only 4 weeks this may not be an issue at all.

Take vitamin D while your on it, i never got sick and actually have qualified as sick once in the past year since ive started taking 5000 ius of vitamin d a day.

[quote]Higgins wrote:
Take vitamin D while your on it, i never got sick and actually have qualified as sick once in the past year since ive started taking 5000 ius of vitamin d a day.[/quote]

This is good advice on any diet… Vitamin D is mainly produced in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. No natural food contains it in any significant amount. Can’t blame the V-Diet for THIS one :slight_smile:


My failure to the V-Diet the last time was due to a terrible sinus infection. My nose has been dripping again and have been waking up with sore throat off and on. I upped my vitamin C to 1500 three times a day. I sure would think the Superfood would help abit too.


The sore throat has happened to me before and it becuase all the casein protein. It is very similar to dairy products. Also you are cold becuase your eating alot less calories and you are not getting as great a TEF as eating solid food.


Interesting fact about the casein protein and sore throat. It seems to go away during the day when I drink alot of other fluids, but comes back at night as I rest. Actually a super dry throat.


thanx you fitnesslady! ive lost 7 pounds in 7 days! 4 probably water but face is looking skinnny …staying strong and going to pull through

I also got sick (though it seemed more likely stomach bug than anything diet related) while V-Dieting. It was almost 2 weeks in, right after my 6th workout. I almost puked at the gym, was pretty dizzy and lightheaded. I made it home just in time and spent the night puking my guts (and surge) up. Not pleasant.

This was my only diet cheat- I had a bowl of chicken noodle that night. Took it easy the next day, and I was OK after that.

Probably just crap timing to get a bug, but yes, I also got sick while V-Dieting.

Speaking of sick, Im on my 3rd day now, and have had a sore throat, along with feeling sick to my stomach today. I dont know if its the protein shakes themselves, the fiber/flax Im using, or the HOT-ROX that is making me sick, but this is definitely a mental mindfuck on me. I just had my afternoon shake, with ice now that Im home and it helps a bit, but my god, i have 25 days left.

im starting to think the V-Diet Lite is more ideal for me, but I must stay strong.

Hey timers007,

The night I had enough of the sore throat I gargled some celtic sea salt and haven’t had sore throat since. I always have gargled salt water before when I had a sore throat, so I took a chance and it worked. I quit taking the flax seed meal as it was upsetting my stomach. I don’t take in shakes, was making like a peanut butter flax ball/mash with it. I also upped my vitamin C, so I don’t know which one worked, but I think it was the salt.


So how do you take your flax now? Im confused. You make a ball around peanut butter?

I have a bit of a cough right now, but I think it was incubating since the time before I started my diet. I’m only on day 3. I am just going to keep going and get my rest. Luckily today is not a lifting day and I think I’ll feel better tomorrow.

actually off to the docs now, got tonsillitis, no stopping the diet unless he informs me it’s best to do so. 10 days in btw

just fyi for people down the road, not to revive old thread but excess of 1,000’ IU would cause “Calcification of brain and arteries, increased blood calcium, loss of appetite, neusea” National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Just thought id post this.

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