Getting Sick During Workouts


Hey Chris,

I have found that after I wake up in the mornings and drink my shake, I feel re energized and rededicated, but after a workout, I get unbelievably sick. To the point where I throw up, Is this normal for the first week? Is there anything you may be able to recommend to alleviate this problem.

I read somewhere that drinking the post workout drink during a workout helps if the post workout shake is the problem, but that isnt my problem at all. I just feel sick as soon as im done working out (Which does make the post workout shake challenging) and it doesnt go away until after I wake up in the mornings. Thanks a lot for any advice you can give

Do you think it could possible be the HOT-ROX making me sick? Just a thought?




No, certainly not normal.

Now, HOT-ROX can cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach in a handful of people (I’m actually one of them.) Taking it with a shake solves that problem and it still works great for increasing fat loss (just “hits you” a little slower.)

Also, make sure your flax seed and natural nut butter are kept in the fridge or they can spoil.

All that said, tough workouts can make you feel bad for a while, and if you’re using the official V-Diet training plan you may want to back down a level for a week or two.

But yes, sipping on Surge Recovery during workouts helps many people.


I read that in a forum of yours somewhere. I still got pretty sick. I’ll just man up and power through. Appreciate the advice. Wish me luck, today is my first HSM!