Getting Serious with the V-Diet

Hey everyone,
So I am tired of living out my prime days being fat and am deciding to do the V-Diet. I know it can do nothing but help me and its time to get serious and make the best of my life while I can. I am ordering the recommended amounts of Flameout,HOT-ROX, Metabolic Drive and Surge.

I plugged my weight(180) into the over 35 lbs equation and came up with these numbers
1086 for Non-Lifting Days(1100 Rounded)
1329 for Lifting Days(1300 Rounded)

Now, i know you are supposed to take Flax-Seed and Fiber pills with this and figure their nutritional info into the caloric requirements, where are the best places to get those, in the style that support the V-Diet?

Also, i read in Gus’s V-Diet log that he added peanut butter in his last shake of the day, is that something all V-Dieters should do?

This is my comprehension of the V-Diet and what I plan on doing

5 Low-Carb Metabolic Drive Shakes a Day
Take Recommended Doses listed on the bottle of HOT-ROX and Flameout
Take Surge on Workout Days during the workout
Take Fiber Pills as needed

If this is wrong and not the V-Diet, can someone help me figure out what is wrong and help me calculate everything correctly so I can do the V-Diet?

PB is not necessary, but is used by most people to add calories if they are lacking. Chances are, with such a low calorie requirement, you won’t need it.

Go to any health store and get MILLED flax, not meal or whole seeds. You’ll be looking for 2 servings (2tbsp each). Fiber chews can be found almost anywhere.

Start there for all of the diet configuration parts. I’m sure others, including chris, will chime in soon enough.

Good luck!

For my wife and I, the PB was def. necessary in the success of the diet. Aside from the nutrition it provides, it will keep you “sane” esp. if you have it as a spoonful as opposed to mixed in the shake. I can’t tell you how many times, we looked forward to that spoonful of PB to end the day off right.

I would also recommend getting the magic bullet. The clean-up and quickness is well worth the money.

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