Getting Ready To Start

It’s great to see so much support for this interesting and challenging program. I’ve ordered my supplies and anticipate I’ll have them in 4 days. I’ll be taking my measurements and pics to post on day 1.

I’m a 58 yo man, 5’10" and 173lbs. I lost 45 lbs 5 years ago and have kept it off. I’ve been at a plateau for a long time, mostly because I love to eat and drink wine! I’m looking to strip off the last 12-15 lbs of excess fat I’m carrying around.

I will be following the program closely including the workouts. I have no trouble sticking to a workout schedule. I know my challenge will be to stay the course on the diet.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.


& yep I’m a scuba diver. Also a martial artist (Krav Maga) & a ballroom dancer

Good luck man.

You can do it!

Howdy! Welcome aboard. I’m starting tomorrow myself. Nice to see some of the older guys like myself doing this. I dropped 45 lbs also a while back, but def love the wine and food way too much and put some back on. I’ll be watching your progress. Good luck!

I’ll be doing the intermediate workout on a Sun-Tues Thursday schedule. I’m going to skip the challenge since Friday or Saturday is “dance night” which means I’ll be ballroom & Latin dancing for 3 hours. Can’t skip the dancing or the wife will have me out on the street. lol At 58 yo I need to be very careful about recovery. Since it’s cold dark & nasty NEPA will be on the exercise bike waching all the stuff I tivoed & never watched.

The calorie calculator says 1380 for non workout days & 1,710 for workout days. Does that sound correct?

Well my food for the month will be here Thursday so I guess Friday Feb 27 will be V-Day Day 1.

I went out tonight & had a big greasy hamburger & fries. Man It tasted great but now I feel like s*$t! I usually eat pretty clean & low salt so it is really a gut bomb. I’m going to get back to eating normally until Friday.

I’m already thinking about my first healthy meal. I think grilled marinated lamb chops, mashed sweet potato with garlic & a little olive oil and steamed brocoli. I’m hoping I won’t miss a glass of good red wine with it too much!

Well Diver,

Only 2 days to D Day. You’ll get lots of support in here.

I’m on day 17 and still going strong. Its just part of my routine now.

The intermediate workouts are good. Short but hard.

Keep us posted on your progress!

hey diverdog…good luck with your V-Diet…i am staring as well…but first transitioning for 2 weeks going from 2 solid meal to one solid meal per day and then the actual V-Diet…lets how it goes…Good luck again…i will be checking your progress and keeping my fingers crossed…ohhh…and put some pics man…:slight_smile: we would like to see the changes happening:)

Pics of the old man? lol Sure I’ll be posting pics & data. It’s day 1 and I’m buzzing from the HOT-ROX already.

Cool. Keep us updated!

And honestly, if you’re doing well halfway through the diet, adding a single glass of red wine as part of the HSM should be fine.

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