Getting off the Gravy Train: Fred's Journey

Wow! I AM A FAT A$$! It did not hit me until I had the numbers to prove it and see the photos that I took. WOW!!!

Today is DAY 1! Breakfast and Lunch went down well. I am coming up on my Mid-Day shake and I am sure that will go down just fine. I was more surprised how much it was to consume and how long it took me to consume it. Breakfast took me almost 45 minutes! Lunch was not as long, maybe 20 minutes. I will also step out of the office after my mid-day shake and get my walk in.

I got my measurements last night and took some before photos. Sadly though, I do not think I will post those, but believe me, they will be a constant reminder of where I am starting. I may post some regular pics that will also give you an idea. I have to admit that I was a little cautious in joining the forum and just having my support come from a friend who is now 7 weeks off of the V-Diet. When I say how much support the forum gives, I figured what the h3ll, just go for it and feel the love. I am who I am and the pics/measurements are what they are. AND that will change! Starting today!!!

So without further delay, here are the numbers:
Height 57 (will get the official height tonight at the gym)
Weight 257.6 #
Neck 17 3/8
Shoulders 22 2/8
Upper chest 47
Lower chest 47
Waist @ navel 50
Hips 48 1/4
Left bicep 14.5
Right bicep 14 6/8
Left thigh 27.5
Right thigh 28
Left calf 19.5
Right calf 19.5
Left ankle 10 3/8
Right ankle 10 3/8

WOW! That is all I have to say. But also, let the transformation begin! A couple questions, if I may.

  1. How long should it take to consume each shake?
  2. How much water should I consume outside of each shake?
  3. What accounts for the caloric difference between workout day and non-workout day? Is it just the Surge that is consumed afterwards?
  4. What is the best time to get the workout in? I think I can plan it between dinner & bedtime.

Ok, well thanks for the support. Here we go!

Glad you joined up! Welcome!

  1. Some people sip them; some people slam them in one chug. There are no rules here, though drinking somewhat slowly (15 to 20 mins) will make you feel full faster. That can be a good or a bad thing, as some people feel very full when on the diet and some feel hungry. Again, everyone is different.

  2. As much as you want. No rules here either. I’d guess that most people increase their fluid intake naturally when on the diet given all the liquid meals.

  3. Yes, the Surge.

  4. Whatever time is best for you. That said, it’s best to end the day with a shake and not Surge, so super late workouts may not be optimal… but they sure beat NOT training.

Hey Freddy, congratulations on your decision to join us. It looks like we have similar stats other than height, so I’m curious how your results will turn out. Keep strong and make sure you keep in touch. Everyone is very supportive and helpful around here.


From one fatty to another. You’ll be glad you joined the forum. I have been in for a mere 5 days but the forum has made a big difference. Best of luck in your journey. Don’t overdo your workouts this first week.


Hey Fred, welcome to the V-Diet. Yes, let the transformation begin! Keep us updated :wink:


Day 1 recap

I dont know if I got my full NEPA in, but I did walk to the gym which was about 20 min walk. I also knew I was going on an 8 mile walk around DC on Saturday, so I didnt let it bother me. So I got workout #1 in and I felt like I was not using enough of weight even though I am sore today. Here are the details, Dont laugh.

3 min jog on treadmill

Dumbell Squat
30# 9/9/9/9/4

Dumbell Bench Press
30# 9/9/9/9/4

Bent Over Row (dumbells)
30# 9/9/9/9/4

Plank Hold
40 seconds

I talked with a trainer afterwards and he recommended that for my next workout, I double the weight.

I am doing the beginner workout, so I am not sure if I didnt do enough reps or went too light on the weight. On the instructions it says LOAD 8-9 (medium) RM, I am not fully sure I understand what this means.

Basically my first day was a breeze. I was FULL all day long and smelled my roommates food and coworkers lunch, but honestly couldnt think of anything because my belly was full. I also felt like I was eating all day long, because I kept having to down a shake when I was not hungry.

I got the raspberry Surge and thought it was super sweet. The last bit was tough to take. It was so sweet that I thought I might throw up.

The size of the shakes suprised me. 16oz and 24oz of water in the mix made the shakes more like 28oz and I don’t have a cup big enough. I am going out tonight to find a bigger shaker or bottle. I am also going to get a blender. My roommate has an immersion hand blender that I have been using, but I want to try some ice in the blends and chill them more.

Heres to day 2 and getting off the gravy train.

Medium load means medium weight (not too light, not too heavy), and RM means rep maximum. So you did it right with the RMs, you did 9,9,9,9, and finished up the last 4.

That travel blender from walmart is a pretty good cheap investment for this thing. Makes it the perfect size cup with about 2 coffee cups of water and blends it all perfectly.

The first several days felt like I was a massive parade float because I kept eating and eating and eating (drinking). I was dreading the clock ticking down every 3 hours because I didnt know how I was going to fit in another shake. But…heh…by next week, you’ll be getting hungry and will be ready for that shake when it’s time.

Great job getting started!! :wink:


Day 2 Recap

The day started with HOT-ROX. I took just one again today. I will up the dosage for day 3. Breakfast was strawberry with all the fixins. That was better than the vanilla.

Since I live in Washington DC, I had to get out and see the cherry blossoms while they are in peak bloom. I ended up doing an 8-9 mile walk around the city. Basically from the Lincoln Memorial to Lincoln Park. Needless to say that was my NEPA. Great day too, got a little sunburn to prove it. While on my walk, I was able to get my lunch shake in too! I premixed the powders in my nalgen and just added the water when ready.

I even took along my mid-day snack, pure vanilla and mixed that for the metro ride home. It was too easy because all I had to do was pre-plan for it. When I got back home I played lazy and just chilled on the couch and watched tv until 7 when I got up and went to GNC to get more shaker cups. They have a 24oz cup which is the biggest I have been able to find. Snagged 2 more, so now I can just leave a couple at the office. I also got some baggies to try the pre-mix idea that another blogger had. That way all I have to do is grab a baggie and not huge tubs.

Before I left for GNC, I got my dinner shake in and that was a little rough. I felt so bloated that I thought I was going to vomit at any time. I wonder if my intestines are wondering where the solids are. That feeling went away as I walked around. It came back with the bedtime shake though. I find it tough to drink extra water outside of the shakes, is this normal?

Bedtime shake tonight was banana with PB! I must say that was the best one so far. I wish I could send back 2 tubs of the chocolate and get more banana, but I’ll make due. I think tonight I will try Chocolate/Banana PB. I didn’t think of mixing the powders until someone said they did a strawberry/banana.

Tomorrow is workout day #2, and I plan on getting it in before noon. Since I started the program on Friday, I just started the workouts as if it was a Monday. So my workout days are Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, with the VBURN on Wed/Thurs. My first HSM will come next Saturday, so I can share a meal with the family for Easter. After that I may change it to Friday nights and be able to come home and prepare something healthy as I relax from the week. Is it okay that my first HSM comes 9 days after the start?

Let’s talk about these workouts! I didn’t think I pushed myself much on workout #1, but my thighs are killing me to get up from the chair, walk up/down stairs, getting out of the car! Oh, the burn. I thought I worked out my arms, but they are not really sore. Did I do something wrong? Workout #2 will be pushed a little more. RROOAARR!!!

Here’s to day #3!

Day 3 recap:

Today was pretty good. I got off to a slow start, but seem to ending it well. I slept in and got up at 8:45am. Took 2 HOT-ROX and then got my first shake and was off to the gym by 11am. I got workout #2 in and got my Surge down with no problems. Still super sweet, but I think the harder you work out, the better it will go down. After a short rest and a shower, I was feeling great. Here is my breakdown for workout #2.

Romanian Deadlift
65# 15/15/15/5

Lat Pulldown
80# 20/20/11
*yes I did more than 50 reps, but I will call it autopilot. I should have increased the weight.

Standing Shoulder Press
50# 15/12/10/5
40# 8

Side Plank Hold
L - 15/10
R - 15/10
*these were super tough today. Maybe because I was pushing the weights harder.

I also got in 60 minutes of walking on a 1/25 mile track, I completed 2 miles. During my walk, my legs were weak and wobbled a bit. I will get stronger.

For tonights bedtime shake, I think I will do Chocolate/Banana/PB. I felt good today, so hopefully it will end well.

Ok, I could not wait. Just blended up the Chocolate/Banana/PB shake. DELISH!!!
2 scoops choc
1 scoop banana
Blended with a hand power blender.

Oh, and I ordered a magic bullet yesterday that has the blender and juicer attachments. It should be here for the second half of the V-diet! YAY!

Day 4 Recap:

Today went well. I finally did the full dosage of the HOT-ROX. I was up and energized. Getting the shakes in at the office was easy. I was not tempted by anyone else’s food. I also got in a 2 mile walk around an outdoor track. For my dinner shake I did not have my flax seed, so I did without and just skipped it for the evening. For tonights bedtime shake, I did up vanilla with the PB. I cannot wait for my Magic Bullet to get here.

It may be due to the changing of the seasons in Washington DC, but my sinus’ are very dry and I did have some blood showing when I blew my nose. I will use a nasal spray to monitor this. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing this.

On the plan that was designed for me it says the option exists to take a fiber choice tablet with each shake. If I did not take the fiber choice, how much fiber would I be getting a day with the program? The only thing I show having fiber is the flax seed. It says on the label that it is 4grams of fiber per serving and I take 2 servings per day…which would be 8 grams. Am I missing something? So I would only need to take another 12 grams from the fiber choice tablets.

This brings me to another thing…I found COLD MILLED FLAX SEED at Sam’s Club. It is already ground and does NOT need refrigerated. The texture is grainy, but it seems to go down smoothly with my shakes. I hope this helps others if they are having issues with the flax seed.

Finally all I have to say is that I am still so achy. I hope that I can complete my 3rd workout tomorrow. My lower back and thighs are still sore. I am trying to stick with it. I don’t feel like giving up, so don’t worry.

Oh well, Here’s to Day 5!

Let’s just say…I am rocking it on Day 7!

I had a small hiccup last night and I hope it doesn’t make a big deal. I got home late and just wanted to go to bed. I didn’t feel comfortable downing a shake and then laying down to sleep, so I just ate my 2 tbsp of PB off the spoon and then went to bed.

Today I have been rocking on keeping on schedule with my shakes and getting in 30 minutes of a NEPA around my office complex! YAY! GO FRED!

Tonight is my first V-Burn challenge and I think I am going to head to a park at the end of my street to enjoy the spring weather and feel the burn!

I should be having my HSM tonight, but I have chosen to put it off till Saturday when my Mom will be treating me to either Longhorn Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse. I can taste the filet, veggies and sweetpotato now!

I am going to do up the official week one measurements tonight and have my official weigh-in Friday morning. I will also post some pictures this weekend. I think I have started to see some changes and I want everyone else to share in my joy and encourage others as well, I shouldn’t be so selfish.

OMG! The v-burn kicked my a$$ on set 3, so I karate chopped and suckered punched it back on set 5!

ok, so my time was 53:22.

Like you say, ROOOOOAAAAR!! Cant wait to see your week one results. Keep rocking it Freddy. Your time will get better too with the vburn. It really is a bitch isnt it?

After set 1, I was like. Sweet, I can do this. Halfway through set 2, I was crying that I don’t want to go on. Set 3 had me laying there fighting with myself. Set 4 saw me pushing on. Set 5 had me pep talking my way through.

I actually called my self a loser, and then I shouted back, NO I’M NOT!


hahaha very entertaining log so far Freddy…nice work on gettin all that V-Burn in…it really is tough, but it gets easier…I’ve shaved over 20% off my time week over week and my goal is to hit it in 20 minutes this week…lets see if I can!

But man its a great workout…

I encourage you to at least do a side-by-side comparison using your starting pics…it is very easy to overlook big changes unless you have a good frame of reference right close to your new pics…just something to think about…we all want to see how awesome you are doing (and then tell you about it!)

This weather is a bitch huh? I have had a little blood in the nose lately too, but I think its just from sinuses…hopefully it will stay warm after this week and give us some nice days before it gets too humid to enjoy them!

Thanks for the encouragement VTBalla! I got my measurements and they are down. I will post them with some pics tomorrow. Start of week 2 today and workout #4.


Week 1 Official stats:

Weight 251.6 (-6)
Neck 17 (-3/8)
Shoulders 22 (-2/8)
Upper chest 46 3/8 (-5/8)
Lower chest 45 3/4 (-1 1/4)
Waist @ navel 48.5 (-1.5)
Left bicep 14.5 (0)
Right bicep 14 1/8 (-5/8)
Left thigh 27 1/4 (-1/4)
Right thigh 27 1/4 (-3/4)
Left calf 19.5 (0)
Right calf 19 3/4
Left ankle 10.5
Right ankle 10.5

Starting photo Front

Week 1 Front

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