Getting Married in a Couple of Months

Day 1 here.

6’0/197lbs/22.5% body weight/size 33 pants
Neck: 15"
Chest: 42"
Arms: 15"
Gut: 42"
Hips: 38"
Quads: 23"
Calves: 16"
Ankles: 9"

Today’s workout
Reverse Lunge 4x10@20 lbs
Bentover Rows 4x10@95 lbs
Push Press 4x10@95lbs
Barbell Curls 2x8, 4x5, 1x4@60lbs
Reverse Situps 4x10

Some background info… I’ve tried the V0Diet once before, although I didn’t do it with Biotest supplements. I ended up dropping the diet after a week because it was way too hard on my stomach. On the plus side, I did see good results, dropping 4lbs in the first week.

I went with Biotest stuff this time because they taste really good and their protein powder is a lot easier on my stomach than my standard why formula. I’m in for the whole month followed by Phase II as outlined by the plan. Let’s see where this journey takes me :slight_smile:

180lbs by August 7
Comfortably fit into size 32 pants
Not get injured

And in the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I started dosing with liquid clen for the first time today. I’ll be going at low doses 2 days on, 2 days off until August. Mods, I’m not sure what the forum policy is on such matters. Feel free to remove this comment if you deem it inappropriate, but please leave everything else.

Good for you man. Sounds like you are geared up to lose that weight. Good luck. BTW: I don’t know anything about the liquid clen but I would not worry about you post being taken down. Here is a link to a disscution on this website on how to take it.

Day 2 was a lot harder than day 1, mainly because of the splitting headache I had all day (partially because of the lowered cals, and also because I skipped on having coffee - I just can’t enjoy it without cream)

I did a lot of NEPA stuff today, walking all over my building, up and down stairs, etc. I’m not used to not going to the gym every day and I feel like I have a ton of excess energy. It’s been tough psychologically… I feel myself literally shrinking by the hour, but I have to stick to it and trust the system.

The shakes are doing well. I had chocolate MD with 2 scoops of peanut butter last night and it was HEAVEN! The smell of Super Food and texture of the milled flax seeds are getting on my nerves, but at least the extra calories and fiber help make me feel full.

day 3 in the books, no sweat. i had my first bowel movement in like 3 days, so that was cool i guess.

today’s workout

Deadlifts: 4x10@185 lbs
Lat pulldowns: 4x10@110 lbs
Decline DB Bench: 4x10@45 lbs
Hand walkouts: 1x5, 1x7, 1x8, 1x5, 1x7, 1x8

the hand walkouts were way harder than i had expected. :o

had like 4 people tell me today i look like i’m slimming down. felt good!

day 5 down. had my HSM today…

8oz salmon

8oz asparagus

salad with a handful of baby spinach, half a red onion, 4 jarred sun dried tomatoes, 10 jarred olives, 2 small cucumbers, 1.5tbsp olive oil, 1tsp honey, 2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 container of blackberries.

i’m about to pass out from eating all that food . i had a bit of a scare yesterday because i thought i was coming down with the flu… today it became apparent that it’s just a nagging/annoying cold. shouldn’t impact me too much.

weight is continuing to drop. the mirror doesn’t like; i’m seeing some good progress.

i’m excited about hitting the 20% mark after tomorrow!!

day 6 has been garbage thus far. school obligations and spring cleaning have me running way behind schedule (it’s 230pm and i just finished my 2nd shake - ugh)

on the plus side, i’m finally starting to figure out the magic water/powder ratio for vanilla MD. 1 cup of water + 2 scoops + 6 ice cubs is where it’s at :slight_smile:

days 7 and 8 were challenging to say the least.

day 7: took the day off from work because of a horrible headache and some school obligations. cool, not being around food at the office helps the vdiet quite a bit. fast forward until 8pm when i get back to class during our 30 minute dinner period (i ran to my car and had shake, followed by a small plain black coffee from starbucks). i was surrounded by my favorite foods: pizza and burritos. it was hard to keep my composure, but somehow i managed. i crawled out of class so weak from all the good scents of my favorite cheat meals though :frowning:

day 8: just in a shitty mood all around. i think i’m pissed because hsm day is 4 agonizing days away. i just need to motor through tomorrow and thursday, i’ll be golden by friday.

nepa stuff isn’t going to hot. other than parking really far away, i’m not doing much nepa because i’m bogged down at work and at school. i’ve already blocked my calendar during lunch tomorrow to go for an hour long walk, so that should be good.

i hit my 1 week point today. i’m down 4lbs. not bad, not great. i’m hoping i keep going att this pace. my face and gut have lost some fat for sure. i’m a little worried because i also dropped a half an inch on my arms. trying not to panic about that, though.

day 10 about to finish.

nepa walks increased, intensity at the gym is ok. i’m in a really shitty mood pretty much all the time, but i don’t care. i’m pushing through this!

stepped on the scale and weighed in at 191.8lbs today; that’s the lightest i’ve been in two years. i’ve got 18 days + transition period to drop another 12 lbs.

i’m now needing belts for all of my pants, including the stuff i had bought before i gained ~15lbs of unwanted weight over the last 18 months.

day 11 is just about done. i’ve found the magic formula for the dreaded Superfood/flax seed combo.

2 scoops vanilla
1 cup water
2 scoops Superfood
2 tbsp milled flaxseeds

blend for about 60 seconds

add 6 ice cubs. blend for another 30 seconds. doing this takes teh crappy flavor/texture away.

lots of NEPA stuff today. V-Burn challenge slated for tomorrow. feeling ok, but a little worried that i’m about to go to a graduation dinner tonight and there will be food around.

day 12 done, day 13 about to be finished.

day 12 wasn’t so bad… I had a HSM consisting of 8oz chicken breast, a huge salad of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, olives, and olive oil/lemon juice.

day 13 is going ok. i’m pretty much settling into the diet at this point. what’s interesting is that my cravings have definitely changed. although i crave bad stuff from time to time, i finding myself thinking way more frequently about good stuff, like grilled asparagus or egg white omelets with turkey meat and tomatoes.

as for the workouts, i think the starting weights i chose are way too conservative. i had assumed i’d have no energy to lift and terrible headaches, but now that i’ve settled into the diet i’m ready to push myself back to normal intensity levels at the gym.

i’m psyched tomorrow is the half way point. i was really bummed that i won’t be able to have any good stuff in a couple of week for the 4th of july (one of my favorite holidays, and one of the only times a year i allow myself to have hot dogs!!) i’ve already decided though that i’m gonna grill up some fish tacos using a hybrid recipe from chris’s postings and the HSM thread. i’ll get my HSM fish tacos on while watching fireworks from my porch; good times! :slight_smile:

Are you using Hot rocks? Those give me headaches if I take them too close to my workout time. I now take the Hot Rocks first thing when I wake (excellant way to wake up. Better than coffee) then I take them around 2pm-3pm before my 4 shake. I work out around 6pm so it gives it time to get out of my system. I hope this helps.

I know what you mean about the cravings… It is tuff at times. I find myself day dreaming about my next HSM.

no on the hot rocks, they were back ordered when i ordered all of my supplements.

the headaches went away around day 3. i’m pretty much back to normal. the only differences between now and before starting the diet are i’m currently lighter and i poop a lot less :slight_smile:

day 14 done, nepa walk and one more shake to go on day 15.

my left shoulder is all fucked up from this week’s vburn challenge, the pike pushups just kill me. i did measurements earlier, will post them later. weight is down 4lbs from last week (total of 8lbs in two weeks)

today’s workout was pretty good:
front squat: 4x5 (185)
pullups: 4x5
ab wheel: 2x10
flat bench press: 2x5(165), 2x5(145) - all the bench stations were being used so i couldn’t do db presses. i had to lower the weight halfway because i wasn’t moving the weight fast enough.

here are measurements from end of week 2. starting stats on teh left, current stats right

197lbs | 190lbs
22.5% bf | 18.7 bf

Neck 15 | 15
Chest 42 | 41
Arms 15 | 14
Gut 42 | 38
Hips 38 | 37
Quads 23 | 22.5
Calves 16 | 16
Ankles 9 | 9

7.5 inches dropped so far… i’d consider teh diet a full on success if i can drop another 5-6 inches from my gut (the widest part of my stomach) by the end of the transition period.


grrr, damn you day 16. lots of food cravings (burgers for some reason) and a severe headache all day. about to go on my nepa walk… might head to bed early to sleep this headache off.

days 17 and 18 done. had to miss workout and a shake on day 18 because of intense work schedule. it’s the first day i’ve faltered on the diet :frowning:

days 19 and 20 will be very rough, but it’s clear sailing after that. tomorrow is HSM day and i haven’t even given it a second thought (unlike weeks 1 and 2 in which i would be planning my HSM all week long)

i’m pretty much adjusted to the diet at this point. my weight is down to 189.x the last couple of days. it’s becoming doubtful that i’ll hit my 180 target by the end of the transition phase. however, my pants are falling off of me and my belly has definitely shrunk so it’s all good. i’m looking forward to cycling in some real food and going back to my previous workout routines! :slight_smile:

day 19 done, day 20 about to finish. i saw someone for the first time in a few months and they jokingly said i look like i’m going through chemo because i’ve dropped so much weight. today i had three different people tell me i’ve leaned out. felt really good.

just gotta get through the final week now. i started a day late on my diet so i finish next monday, not sunday as most. the biggest obstacle in my way at this point is my persistent headaches.

day 21 done, day 22 about to finish. did my week 3 measurements today

weight: 188lbs/19%bf

Neck 14.5
Arms 14
Chest 40.5
Gut 38.5
Hips 36
Quads 23
Calves 15
Ankles 8.5

9 pounds and 10 inches lost total in the last three weeks.

day 23 done. hit 186.x lbs today, felt really good.

had a bunch of people tell me i’m leaning out. one idiot went on to lecture me about not having flax seeds with my shakes and to instead add creatine. i wanted to respond with i’ve had 3 solid meals in the last 3 weeks and i’m still twice as strong as you, stfu. i left it alone, though.

today’s workout was good, but i had too much energy to just stick with the script. i added in some calves and tricep work to the standard routine to go along with the reverse lunges, push press, etc.

i’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but i’m not slowing down. it’s all about kicking ass and taking names right now.

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