Getting full on the v-diet

Chris, I have been on the V-Diet for 2 days. I am getting very full in the afternoon/evening. I have one more shake to go today and it is going to be tough to get down. I was barely able to get down the dinner shake because I wasn’t even close to hungry.

I had the shakes spaced evenly today and it was a workout day so i had to drink the surge as well. I am guessing that it is a bad idea to skip a shake. I weighed 180 when I started so all 5 shakes in the day have 2 scoops. Any suggestions on what to do if this trend keeps up?

Not a bad problem to have when on a strict diet, eh? The shakes can be very filling, for sure.

If you feel you need to decrease the amount slightly, we built some wiggle room into the plan for that and to adjust for individual differences. You can decrease the Metabolic Drive by one scoop for the day. So, you’ll have one half-shake. You can also cut out one of the flax seed servings.

Thanks Chris. How important is the flax to the success of the diet?

[quote]rjbelly wrote:
Thanks Chris. How important is the flax to the success of the diet?[/quote]

I’m mixed about that. Some people have trouble with it. They don’t like the taste of the shakes that include it, which makes compliance more difficult. But it does add some fiber and good fats. But fiber is a tricky subject, and some new evidence is basically saying it’s not as important as we once thought and can cause as many issues as it helps. You need some of course. If the flax is a problem, try cutting the amount in half first. If you do drop it, I’d suggest adding a serving of sugar-free Metamucil per day if you feel you need it.

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