Getting Discouraged

I am on day 14 of the V-Diet. So far, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. I have been lurking, but I’ve hit a stumbling block and I have become concerned.

First let me say that I am following the program as prescribed with one exception. No HOT-ROX. It makes me feel really ill and jittery all day so after three days, I stopped taking it.

After the first week, I had very good results. -9.6 lbs, -3.5 in off my waist, all measurements went down. However, during week 2, there has been virtually no change. I lost a pound, but most of my measurements were exactly the same. I expected things to slow down a bit, but not this much.

I wanted to bounce some questions off you guys and see what you think:

  1. Is it possible I’m cutting calories too much? I need to lose a lot of fat, maybe 40 lbs or so. I calculated using the > 35 lbs calculations, but I think now I might have cut things too much, and I might be slowing down my metabolism. Right now, I’m doing 5, 2 scoop shakes, 4 Tbls of flax and 6 flameouts. A few days ago I added 1 Tbl of natural PB. That’s about 1375 cals w/out PB, 1475 with. On workout days, I add Surge, so I’m about 1800 on those days. BTW, right now, I’m at 210.

  2. Is such a slow week two even an issue? Should I expect a steady and slow loss for the rest of the way? I wasn’t expecting to lose everything this month, I just wanted it as a jump start and to get me in the zone of eating right again.

I can push through. As I said, it isn’t as bad as I thought, I’m just looking for suggestions or comments about how I might fine tune to get max results. I suppose I can get going on the HOT-ROX again, but it seriously made me want to puke all day long (just one capsule in the morning). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Wow, you lost 3.5 inches off your gut and almost 10 pounds in two weeks and the title of this thread is “Getting Discouraged…” Your results are practically as fast as liposuction!

But I do understand the feeling of having a slow week. What usually happens is that if a V-dieter as a slow week 2 or week 3, then he or she will have a very satisfying week 3 or week 4. So, give it time. Fat loss isn’t a steady state thing, plus natural weight fluctuations can make short-term scale weight tricky to get accurate.

HOT-ROX: take with shakes. That solves the problem for those rare few who have issues with HOT-ROX. Just drink half a shake, take a capsule or two of HR, then have the rest of the shake.

Also, you never mentioned training. How’s it going and what are you doing?

Thanks for the quick reply. As for training, I’m following the Beginners Program outlined in the FAQ for the V-Diet. The only difference is that I have fairly strong legs, so I add some resistance by holding DBs when I do the body weight squats and step-ups. I also walk everyday, about 2.5 miles. I also always take the stairs, walk to the grocery and gym, etc.

I will say, if anything, I have gotten a little stronger, or at the very least, stayed the same. I don’t feel like I’m losing muscle.

I will try doing the HOT-ROX in the middle of a shake and see if that helps.

I guess the reason why I am discouraged is in the past, I have always been slow and steady, without lulls and quick drops. I am planning on sticking things through, because I want to reset my brain when it comes to eating. Thanks again for the quick reply and encouragement.

TrustyChords, I just wrapped up my first week…and I was expecting better results, but put in all in perspective…if you WERENT doing this…you would be exactly where you were before…even if the change isnt as amazing as you would’ve like (but I think it’s pretty damn impressive)…you’re moving towards your goals…don’t stop…my theme is “velocity=distance over time”…you could be completely static and sit at 0 change, homeostasis… for 28 days…or you can make a change…accelerate and be the person you want.

Off my little soapbox…Kudos

Don’t get discouraged. The end results after the two weeks of transition will amaze you. Transition is a breeze and you are over half way home to that. Can’t turn back now. Tough? Sure is, but you can be different than the others who give up. Stay the course and reap the benefits.

It always amazes me when people “only” lose x amount of weight and get discouraged. Your results are great, get back on the HOT-ROX and you’re doing fine.

You can’t lose 12340832482 pounds in a week, it just isn’t humanly possible unless your absolutely wrecking your body which is never the goal.

Yeah, I guess for me it was more the quick loss week 1 followed by nothing on week 2. I’m over it now. There is no sense in quitting at this point; I’m more than half way there. It is actually kind of easy for me right now because my schedule is hectic. Eating is one less thing to worry about.

HOT-ROX update: I’m on day two of taking it again, following Chris’s suggestion. I felt it a little, but it was tolerable. Today I haven’t noticed anything with my first dose. So far so good. Thanks everyone.

keep going and fight through it!

Your body’s natural reaction to losing a significant amount of weight is for it to fight it off for a week or so. Just keep fighting it and beaing intense in your workouts. You’ll get through it!

Keep us updated…don’t quit! I thought about it too…now that you posted and you are doing this for you…you can’t! HA!

Anyhoo, keep going! I am at the beginning of week two so will let you know what happens later this week with my results!


Just want to echo others on here. Stay with it to the T, (no pun intended) and you’ll see results. 14 days is not much compared to the fact that most guys on this site have been in this game for 5, 10, 15 plus years. It’s a lifestyle so pace yourself.

I gotta agree with you about HOT-ROX though. Today is day 3 for me and decided to up it to 2 HRX in the morning, 10 min. before I had my breakfast shake. Got super sweaty and almost puked in the subway… (that was around 730)

Now its 1030, I’m relaxing with my 2nd shake and I feel much better. I think the HRX will get better over time and I feel like its too effective to drop from the plan. I’ll be taking them with shakes now

HRX gets easier.

I’m not V-Dieting but I’m on a caloric deficit diet.

I’ve been taking the HRX for 16 days now and don’t even feel them really anymore. This is with 40 minutes of just HRX and 10g BCAA’s in my gut during fasted cardio as well.

Hey I had the same results as you this week. Did you finish your 28 days on V-Diet + transition, etc?

Could you tell your results for the next few weeks? thanx man.


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