Getting Biotest in The UK?

I’ve been lurking for a few years now and have decided to take on the V-Diet. I tried it once before with products easily available in the UK but ballsed it up right royally, so this time I’ve decided to get my hands on the Biotest stuff, and do it right.

The issue I’ve been having is actually sourcing the stuff at comparable prices. If you buy from sellers in the UK you’re looking at faster shipping but a cost of £550+ ($905) from a potentially dodgy source that doesn’t stock all required products.

If you buy from here at T-Nation you’re looking at longer shipping time and having to pay an import duty of 12.8% on the value of the product AND shipping combined, making it only slightly cheaper at £503 ($830) and about 1.4 times pricier than if I were living in the US.

I know I’m whinging but I’m a student and when I’m eating solid food I spend on maximum £250 ($410) a month including supps (a pretty high food budget for a student over here).

Realistically I know its worth it for the body composition change but I was wondering if there was anybody who had some decent advice on the matter, or anyone from the UK who has actually bought from this site directly and knows about any possible issues. I’m aware of other threads regarding getting supps from sites operating from the UK but would be interested if anyone knows about the direct ordering from overseas.


Wee Man

Ive bought the supplements 3 times now…

1st time i was in south korea and they came just fine

2nd time i was in the UK and customs burned 13 tubs of Metabolic Drive and my Surge. that made me a touch angry

3rd time i was in the UK and ordered the protein from UK sources and the rest of it direct from Biotest. Non EU sourced dairy products are the problem and customs will destroy them if they search…and with a huge box labelled supplements, chances are they will search.

both of those sites sell Metabolic Drive and Surge and both are reliable. i ordered from both a month or so ago. get the rest from Biotest.

hope that helps mate.
im at the end of day 5 by the way. good luck

Thanks Balddog, that was the kind of info I was after. Also, that sucks that they burnt it!

Wee Man

Did you manage to get everything mate?

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