Getting Back Into Shape

Jamie asks:

I’m a 59 year old male. I have worked hard physical jobs like pipeline work and line work for power and phone companies and I’m in decent shape.

I had an serious accident in Nov 2010 - out of work for 18 months with a crushed ankle.

I gained about 40 pounds of fat this past spring and summer and I’ve lost 35 of it. Now I want to spend the next year and get back into shape. I would like to gain muscle about 10 pounds. What would you recommend?

Start with the basics: A good training program, good diet, and effective workout nutrition. It also wouldn’t hurt to get your Testosterone levels checked. If you’re on the low end, working on that can help a ton of things (not just fat loss, but simple health). This article talks more about that.

Check the Over-35 Lifter forum to see how guys in their 40s, 50s, and 60s set up their training for results with balanced recovery. if you’re still working those tough kinds of jobs, that’s a legit factor in setting up your training. You don’t “need” to train seven days a week to see great results, but you do need to have a smart, well-designed plan.

You said you already lost a bunch of the fat you had gained (nice work on that). What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level (sort of lean, still chubby, etc.)?

Nutrition is obviously a huge factor. This plan is a good step by step approach to put together a simple fat loss diet.

With the workout nutrition, having the right kind of protein and carbs around your workouts can improve performance, help recovery, and boost progress. Plazma is the top of the line in that regard.

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