Getting Back Into It...Am I Doing Anything Wrong?


Hey T-nation.

It’s been a long time, but I’m starting a new lifestyle.

I’d love to make up for lost time, so here’s my plan:

Push/Pull/Legs workout plan. My schedule is flexible, my gym is open 24 hours a day, and I don’t really have budget issues.

My goal is to put in the work to get results ASAP.

I’m planning to use Plazma for peri-workout, Mag-10 for post workout, and Indigo 3-G to help my body adjust to using carbs (current skinny fat dude)

Flameout for inflammation and help with DOMS, and Z-12 + ZMA for mineral support and sleep support.

If I’m supplementing with the above, do you think an “off-the-coach” guy like me could feasibly train 6 days a week? Would it work better than 3 days?

Am I piling on too much, too fast? I want fast results and I’m willing to work for them, but I don’t want to set myself up for long-term failure.



As long as your volume isnt to high theres no reason you could train 6x a week. I currently doing that with no issues. Heres a link to CTs article.

With it I’m using Plazma, only 1 scoop though which seems to be working good for me since volume is lower. 2 scoops 6x a week you’d be flying though it.

I also use Flameout 4x a day and Curcumin for inflammation which seems to help a ton.

I’d like to be able to try out the Indigo 3G but little expensive so I’m trying other things so work on insulin sensitivity.


Thanks! Awesome advice. I appreciate that article, too.

Cost isn’t as much a factor for me, but if the 1x scoop would be sufficient
for lower volume work, then there’s no reason to overdo it.