Getting Ahead of Myself?


I haven’t started the Velocity diet just yet, it came in the mail today and will be getting a few things in order to make my time on it a little easier in advance.

In the meantime though, I’ve pretty much been staring at the bag of Plazma wondering if this stuff is too good to be true. Despite the promise of increased recovery, I’ve always been afraid of carbohydrates. I grew up as a pretty fat kid, it goes hand in hand as soon as you start reading anything about trying to lose the weight.

So, I’ve been cruising the website and the store, planning for after the V3 diet. I’ve always just megadosed BCAAs (Poliquin’s “more is more” approach) and Creatine peri-workout. I came across the recommended Plazma/MAG-10 protocol, which includes Finibars and Indigo-3G. I crunched the numbers and that protocol works out to be $21 per workout, or roughly $420 a month (5x/wk, 4wks). I’m not sure that’s something I could afford.

Given all the supplements that Biotest offers, most of which build on each other, what would be the bare-bones approach to peri-workout nutrition for a strength athlete?


My two cents: Indigo 3G and Plazma. These have been damn near life changing for me. I am the same, fat most of my life. You can check my hub for evidence…

I take the Indigo 45 minutes before training, a dose of Plazma 15 min before, and then two more during. I sometimes only consume one dose during when I’m running low on Plazma.

So happens I have a little extra change in my pocket so I’ve also been using MAG-10 and Flameout recently. These are no joke either, but Indigo and Plazma will do the job alone (or did so for me at least).

Nothing against Finibars (and I have not personally used them) but I think you will do just fine without them when trying to be budget conscience.

Good luck.

I like AliveAgain’s suggestions. The best “budget” stack that still has a very big bang effect would be:

Plazma (1 serving preloaded, 1 serving intra workout)
Indigo-3G (4-6 capsules every day)

Surge Workout Fuel can also stand in for Plazma. Same general idea (workout nutrition) but a little easier on the wallet.

Now, if you could have only one, I’d suggest Indigo-3G, maybe even double dosing it for a few weeks, then moving down to 1 serving per day. This is a great approach for someone who has always struggled with body fat and carbs. It was THE long-term solution for my own FFB (Former Fat Boy) woes.

Thanks to you both for the advice.

Just a quick follow up question, if I start with Plasma and Indigo-3G, what would you recommend for the pre and post workout meals? MAG-10 would take the guess work out of it for someone who trains first thing in the morning.

Chris is the expert… I can only share what I do.

I am an AM trainer myself. I hit the gym at 5AM. I don’t have a ‘pre-workout’ meal per say. Thats what I use the Plazma for. I use the MAG-10 post workout (about 1 hour after training) and eat about 30 minutes later. Basic stuff like eggs, chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, etc. I try to get about equal amounts of carbs and proteins.

So my routine is as follows:

-1 hour: Micro PA

  • 30 minutes: Indigo
    -15 minutes: 1 dose Plazma
    Taining: 1-2 doses Plazma
    +45-60 minutes: 2 doses MAG-10

The Micro PA and MAG-10 are more recent additions. I was seeing good results prior. Adding these has been awesome, but just using Indigo and Plazma was awrsome as well.

There are a ton of articles on Tnation on nutrition that I would read. Like I said, I’m no expert - just a guy with a demanding job and a family of 3 and this has fit into my life well and helped me make great improvements. It did take a lot of experimenting to get the diet right. I think what works for some, doesn’t always work for others. For example, I can’t load up on fat like some people recommend. My macros are closer to 40/40/20 (P/C/F). And that would be on the high end - I will try to stay closer to 10% fat. This is counter to what many articles and experts say, but all I can say is eating higher fat does not work for me - don’t know why, just doesn’t.

The other important thing to point out - this may be obvious - I lift as heavy and/or as intensely as possible. I don’t know if this makes too big a difference with these products. They may be great for BB style training, but I pretty much exclusively do compound lifts. This may not make any difference, but I wanted to provide a complete picture of my style.

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