GetBMWParts vs. V-Diet

The team of GetBMWParts (and a lackey from the corporate office) are getting together to tackle V-Diet. We are comprised of two guys, Jason and Evan of GetBMWparts (who are already buff workout-aholics) and a chick, Erica (corporate lackey who has been partying since she turned 30 in June).

I, Erica, am writing this first entry on our thread since I am the first to start. I begin Thursday, February 25 because I have to go to NYC on Friday, March 26 and think it will be easier if I can at least have one HSM/day at that point vs. not being able to eat at all.

It would be kind of awkward being at some nice NYC restaurant for dinner sipping on water and sneaking into the bathroom to drink my shake. (Though obvi I will be doing that for lunch - but it’s lunch…not so formal.) The guys start on the 1st and we plan to do our HSMs together each week, so we don’t buy/waste food.

Evan and Jason told me about V-Diet and after some research decided to join them on it and am looking forward to starting. I will let them tell their own stories…but, as for me, I am ready to kick start and get rid of the squishy. I planned to do that before I turned 30, but then I got caught up in the “last times of your 20s” so did a little more partying than I had originally planned.

Of course, once I turned 30 - I was 30 n’ Flirty so had to continue celebrating. Needless to say, now that I am 8 months past my 30th bday, the celebrating has caught up with me in the form of 15lbs gained and the bummer is I was still 15lbs from goal weight when I turned 30! Ugh.

I know myself and when I do the slow and steady method, I can do well and lose about 15-20 lbs, but I usually still have 15 to go but I am SO burnt out on counting every friggin’ calorie and being no-fun Erica…and believe me, I am fun - so the no-fun version is not my fave. I am hoping that V-Diet will kickstart that weight loss and help me get that first 10-15lbs off in month one so I have two more months of focus to get off that last 10-15 before I burn out.

Don’t get me wrong…once I burn out, I don’t change my lifestyle, which is already pretty healthy. Minus the last 8 months of celebrating - that was due to the whole 30 thing and by June, I will be 31 so I totally have to grow up - I am usually a complex carb + protein + veggie at every meal kinda gal. I typically work out 4-5 times per week and am active on the weekends, so I am not fearful of becoming some twinkie eating slacker post V-Diet.

Alright…that’s enough…will put up my info tomorrow. Gotta get my roommate to measure and stuff. Jason/Evan - if you share any of this I will kill you and squash your bidness plan (ok, maybe in reverse order)…I gots connections!!

Erica, welcome aboard…best of luck to you.


Holy shiz…I start tomorrow…kinda hard to believe I won’t eat normal meals most days…I really don’t know what to expect. I have a lot of trips and concerts coming up, so it will be an interesting time to not be eating - though it may be better. I would think if I just stayed in all the time, I may want to nibble and snack.

I am swapping out the HOT-ROX for Se7en. I can’t do stimulants and Carbolin 19 is out - everywhere! I guess there is a world wide shortage of the stuff…random, so the woman at Biotest suggested the Se7en. S

Below are my measurements…
Height 5’7"
Weight 161.8lbs
Neck 14.75
Shoulders 40.5
Upper Chest 40.5 (might have done this wrong…did it at boob line…now thinking it should be right above?)
Right above boob line 39.5 (it’s kinda all boob)
Lower Chest - 35
Naval - 35
Hip 38 (ugh…no diet will fix the fact my hips are more narrow than my shoulders…damn it)
L Bicep - 11
R Bicep - 12
L Thigh - 23.25
R Thigh - 24
L Calf - 15
R Calf 14.25

Final meal…broccoli, two salmon roullettes, a texas toast, skim milk and a reese’s pb cup and 10 reeses pieces (valentines candy).

YAY! The morning shake isn’t gross! Phew…I was a little nervous about this. My stomach was a little upset when I woke up this morning - still full from dinner night before, so the shake drinking is slow going, but at least it doesn’t taste like ass. That would make the next month a lot harder.

I usually have tea in the morning and add milk and a splenda. I had planned to just do black tea with no milk to get a little caffeine boost, but now I’m thinking of trying to break that habit, as well. I have gone sans caffeine before and I figure this is as a good a time as any to try again.

I can’t see myself not drinking caffeine for the rest of my life, but I think I have a psychosomatic association with it and probably don’t really need it like I think I do. Of course, I am mad tired right now at work. :slight_smile: But, I’ll muscle through.

Oh yeah…I weighed myself this morning…(Evan/Jason - VAULT)…161.8. I was actually surprised it wasn’t higher bc before I went to Mardi Gras it was around the same level. However, 6 months ago it was 10lbs lower and 9 months ago it was 15…jeez! I guess that’s why I’m here, huh?

hey sorry for the question and good luck with your diet and all but i was wondering if bmw sells this part. i have an 06 e60 530i and i need the plastic piece that goes around the driver side mirror. not the mirror or the box just the frame around the mirror cant seem to find it anywhere. again really sorry about this lol. good luck with the V-Diet.

Don’t worry about it…I emailed this to Evan/Jason - right now they are having issues with their internet access.

Woohoo! Lookin’ forward to Monday! Stats, pics, etc. coming soon! Thanks for getting us access to this site at work Erica! How’s day 1 of the diet going??? I plan on enjoying a few last meals this weekend - and probably a brewski or 2 before Monday!

Hazzyhazz24, I think Jason already answered ya!

Can’t wait to get this rolling on Monday!

Hazz - yep, sent you an e-mail this morning about your BMW…

welcome aboard fellas…im sure you both will knock this mother out of the park.

Ok…day 1…felt sick to my stomach most of the day. I was dead tired until around nooner and then felt just ok after my lunch shake. I forgot to take the Flameout with my “snack” shake and started to get hungry about an hour and a half later which is when I realized I had forgotten the Flameout. Once I took that I was fine until about 645ish…which was right at the 3h15 minute mark.

Unfortunately, I had yet to leave my office and still had to go get some, uh, nut butter from Trader Joes and it was torture seeing all of that food. My dinner shake was the first one I tried as a “shake” and blended up ice and added milled flax. In order to get my NEPA in and still be able to get to bad at a decent hour, I had to drink my “dinner” on the treadmill. This is probably where I went wrong and why I feel totally vomitous now. I only went 3.5 on a hill course for an hour, so I wasn’t bouncing or anything but feel totally sick now. The idea of another shake in an hour sounds horrible. Hopefully, I will feel better by then. Oh, also don’t have my Se7en yet…hopefully get that tomorrow.

Need to just take it one day at a time and not think about “x many days left.” Before I started, I didn’t really think about it…now I can’t imagine drinking the shakes for 4 weeks. Tomorrow is my first work out…let’s see how that goes.

Trust me it gets much better and the shakes starting going down easier. As far as the drink and walk idea, that probably wasn’t the best move; I usually wait anywhere from 30-60 min after shaking to workout or NEPA, but it was a better idea than skipping it =P

Thanks Xalor03.

I was able to chug down my 5th shake of banana and nut butter. Thankfully, it was really yummy! Phew. Though, of course it was right before I went to bed, so I had to sleep sitting up to let my tummy settle, but had a much better night’s sleep last night than the night before, so felt good in the morning.

My first shake today was def much better - I used blender and added ice to make it a true “shake” as a lot of people suggested. The only downside is how long it takes me to drink a shake. This one took about an hour. I had to chug the last of it so I could brush my teeth and get to work.

Hi Erica,

Cool, it looks like we started this diet at the same time (yesterday). I’ll be following and rooting for you! It’s my 2nd go of the v-diet, I loved the results last time! Hope your day goes well today :slight_smile:

johnson2133, Thanks! Jason and I plan on sticking to the plan to a T! (unlike our corporate-counterpart) :slight_smile: Kidding Erica. Glad today’s shakes are going better for you. My only worries with the diet are enduring the shakes for 6 weeks - all protein shakes induce an immediate gag reflex for me as I can’t stand the taste. I have a feeling I’ll be holding my nose and chuggin’…but we’ll get through it!

Current stats 2/26:

Height 5’8
Weight 161 lbs.
Neck 15.5
Shoulders 47
Chest Upper 40
Chest Lower 38
Waist - at Navel 33.5
Waist - at largest 33.75
Hips - at largest 36
Upper Arm L 15.25
Upper Arm R 15.25
Upper Leg L 22.5
Upper Leg R 23
Lower Leg L 14
Lower Leg R 14.5
Ankle L 8.75
Ankle R 9

Pics are taken, but I brought the wrong cable to work. :frowning:

miss fit, good luck on your 2nd go!

Here we go:

Current stats as of 2/26:

Height 6’7"
Weight 233 lbs.
Neck 17
Shoulders 51.5
Chest Upper 45
Chest Lower 42
Waist - at Navel 39.75
Waist - at largest 42
Hips - at largest 45.5
Upper Arm L 17.25
Upper Arm R 16.5
Upper Leg L 27.75
Upper Leg R 27.25
Lower Leg L 16.5
Lower Leg R 16.25
Ankle L 9.5
Ankle R 9.75

Bring it on Monday

[quote]miss fit wrote:
Hi Erica,

Cool, it looks like we started this diet at the same time (yesterday). I’ll be following and rooting for you! It’s my 2nd go of the v-diet, I loved the results last time! Hope your day goes well today :)[/quote]

I saw that too and totally meant to message you, as well.

So far so good today! Not wanting to get sick after every shake - bonus and got my Se7en, so I can add those in.

First work out is tonight (doing intermediate) so I gotta run and get an ab wheel from Target bc my gym at my apartments doesn’t have one.

Jason, you are one tall mother…wow.

Good luck, I bet doing bench press with a barbell is a pain for you.

First workout went ok…I did intermediate bc the beginner is described as something for someone who hasn’t been to the gym in years. Well, that’s not me, but then again, I also haven’t done hard core lifting before either. I mean, I have done weight training and did body for life workouts for a while, but nothing super intense.

My first was supposed to be front squats, but my gym in my apts is kinda tiny, so they only had a smith machine, which sorta worked, but was a little awkward. Not to mention they only had 25lb weights or 15lb weights and I am probably right in between at around 20 or 22.5. So, I did it at 25lb on each side and the first three sets of 5 were ok, but the last set felt like every muscle in my hams and quads ripped at the same time. It was weird. It just all hit at once. Fail. Needless to say I had to writhe around on the ground in pain (luckily no one else was there) and do a ton of stretching, some walking on the treadmill and some more stretching.

The last three were fine…do I need to put it all here? I put it on my worksheet.

No cheating on diet - yay! Finding some good flavor combos with the nut butter, cinnamon and banana! I also got a sugar free caramel syrup, but it’s almost too much, so I have only added a tiny bit twice. Due to the caloric intake of the diet, I don’t get hungry until right at the 3/3.5 hr mark and that’s really the only time I crave normal food. But, as others have said, I don’t crave junk food - I really do crave fresh, yummy, healthy foods like broccoli, grilled chicken, salmon, etc. When I think abt my HSM (which I am either doing Sunday night or Tuesday), I get excited for something healthy. Other diets have made me just crave junk food or anything…interesting.

Ok…saw that someone else mentioned this and really Jason - this will affect you more so than Evan since you share a bed with your wife…the shakes make your ass smell…bad. I mean, like you could do some serious evil dutch oven. It’s death-con 5. There is that weird thing where the smell of your own gas doesn’t bother you, but always bothers others…well, in this case, I am bothered, so I could only imagine what it would be like for someone else. Be careful. Buy air freshener - the spray kind.

First night out on V-Diet…did good! No cheating. Had a shake right before we went out and one as I was driving home. :slight_smile:

Legs are super sore from yesterday - I am waddling.

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